December 31, 2009

One Little Word

I love new beginnings. Don't you? Sometimes they are scary. But usually, it's refreshing. Like a blank notebook or a new outlook. I sometimes call them do-overs.

I always make New Year's resolutions. Do you? Mine are usually very boring....ordinary.
A couple years ago I made a resolution to bless someone every day. It didn't have to be hard. A thank you card, compliment, phone call, or smile. I renewed that resolution last year. I like to think that I've been successful. I purposefully think of it often. I also plan on doing it again this year. No harm in blessin', right?

However, I think I'm up for a bit of a challenge this year. I'm going to up the anty. I'm also adding a second resolution (suggested by fellow blogger, Ali Edwards) I'm picking a word for the entire year. A word that has meaning to me. I am going to put this word on my inspiration board in my craft-room. I'm going to try to blog once a month about how I am using this word in my life.

I challenge you to join me. Pick your own word. It could be any word. CHANGE...... ORGANIZE..... LEARN........ ENJOY. Whatever tickles your fancy. Put your word where you will see it. Let's see how this changes us friends.

My word for 2010 is: THRIVE I nearly chose GROW, but I certainly don't want to pick a word that will make my pants even tighter. I thought thrive was very appropriate.

according to Webster's Dictionary it means:
1: to grow vigorously
2: to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances.

I hope that your New Year is blessed and happy. Please be safe my friends.
This is my inspiration board in my craft room. I've been busy as a beaver organizing. I hope to show you photos of it next week.


  1. Thanks for the sweet inspiration, my word is going to be LESS! Less complaining, judging, procrasting, shopping(ouch), TV, clutter, & hopefully LESS of the physical me!

  2. duh! I meant procrastinating.

  3. Maybe I should have said....... see more Aunt Cake this year!!! Miss ya!!!