January 1, 2010

My New Friends

Ohhh friends. It's time to snap myself back into reality.

Let me introduce you to my new friends.....

Mr. Elliptical......
Mr. Treadmill.....
and lastly, Mr. Torture

I've signed myself up on www.myfitnesspal.com and I am joining a jazzercise class. (weeping)

Remember the days when you could shove things in your mouth all day and not gain a pound. What happened? It really isn't fair. (weeping harder)

I am thinking about the times when I sat down with a tub of frosting and a spoon....... then ate. I'm thinking of hot buttered popcorn at the movie theatre. I'm thinking of cookies and cream ice cream with hard shell on the top. (sobbing uncontrollably)

I love food.... and food loves my hips.

FOOD...... I'm breaking up with you!!!

Temporarily......... don't go to far.......... or see other people! Wait for me!!!!!!

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