December 5, 2009

Sweet Saturday

I am the only adult in the house. Usually when that happens, I'm outnumbered 3 to 1. Tonight it's 5 to 1. My friends, those aren't good odds. I can hear Gracie bawling as I'm typing. I'm debating on....... should I check.......or should I not.

Well I cracked. I checked!!!! It was her turn to be "it". And she FLAT OUT didn't want to be "IT"!!!!! Therefore, she is having a GIGANTIC temper tantrum!!!! She is saying, "I (sob sob) want to (sob sob) play hide (sob sob) and seek in the (sob sob) dark!!!!! Drama, drama, drama.

We woke up before the sun this morning. Ryan had a basketball game in St. Joe. The last game of the tournament. We had a disappointing loss. They didn't seem to be awake in the first and second quarters. They perked up in the second half but it was too late. We play Maryville Monday at home. Hopefully we can re-ignite that winning streak! Baseball will always be my favorite sport, but basketball is becoming a close second. I love the fast pace and excitement. I just wish that it wasn't so LOUD! It doesn't help that I sit by several dads that have lots to say....and big voices to say it in. Of course, I'm couldn't be referring to my beloved husband. (ahem) Anyway, I guess that I had better like it because my monkeys are basketball players. Well... except for Gracie. She is going to be the cheerleader.

I've done a little online shopping this evening. I bought Rick his first gift. I have to admit that I am a little frustrated. I wanted to buy Gracie the latest rage in toys called zhu zhu pets.
You can hardly find them anywhere. If you do, they will be marked up nearly 700%. I just cannot do it. No matter how badly I want to.

She may get her zhu zhu pet for Valentine's Day. Remember the rush on Cabbage Patch Dolls?

So if any of you find a zhu zhu pet at retail price, please let me know. FYI: they are releasing a pink one after the first of the year. We will HAVE to have that one!!!

I hope that you all have sweet dreams tonight. I am teaching 8th grade Sunday School tomorrow, so wish me luck!!!

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