December 8, 2009

Let it snow!!!

Yesterday morning I woke up at 6:30, as usual. Went upstairs to wake up the monkeys for school. Pulled Gracie's clothes out that she needed to wear that day. Then came downstairs talk to Rick.

My cell phone started beeping. Text message...... from the school.......IT'S CANCELLED!!! Really? There isn't THAT much snow. OK, whatever.

So I tell the monkeys to go back to bed. Did they...... um NOOOOO? Are you kidding? They must not have believed me. They wanted to see for themselves. They watched the local weather for 15 minutes just to confirm what I told them. Believe me people, I wouldn't lie about this!!!!!

I had to make them wait till daylight to go outside. They were whining. Mom, can we go outside yet? Please!!!!!!!!! When we get inside, will you make cocoa? Can we build a snowman? Gracie says, "I am making snow angels"! Is this good snow? Where are the mittens? and the coats, snowpants, scarfs, hats, and the other 40 layers that I will be washing this afternoon.

Thank goodness for zoom lenses. This means that I can stand on the front porch in my PJ's to take pictures.

Gracie is building a wonderful snowman!!!!
Then Gus has to go potty.
But he cannot go potty because he doesn't like the snowman. The snowman is in his "potty place". See the hair sticking up on his back. GUS IS TICKED!!!!!
Gus is thinking, "Is it a martian"? "Will it try to attack me"? "ARE YOU A FRIEND OR A FOE"?
Very mysterious!!! No answer from the martian. It MUST be a foe. Therefore I will bark at him!!!!!
Then inch forward............ and bark some more!!!
Wow, Gus, you must be pretty powerful. You barked him over!!!!!!
Gus is our protector. He protects us from snowmen. No need to be humble. You're a SUPER DOG! Thank you Gus!!!!
Oh darn. I think another martian is being built. I'm heading for the hills. (a.k.a. my cozy spot next to my mommy!!!
Ryan and Ian are building forts. I see a snowball fight in the future.
And maybe...........

One in my ear!!!!!!!!

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