December 23, 2009

It's the Eve of Christmas Eve

Gracie had a classroom party yesterday. Since the boys no longer have classroom parties, I am fully aware of how few parties I've left. It makes me sad. This Santa is what they used to count off the days before Christmas. I thought it was precious.

Gracie's teacher this year is Mrs. Scott. She has a gruff exterior but a very tender heart. She made all 24 of her students a stocking and a santa hat. Let me say that again. SHE MADE 24 STOCKINGS AND SANTA HATS!!!! She also bought them each 2 books, crayons, markers, a checkers board game and candy. I need not say how much she loves these little monkeys.
I made all of them little favor bags. Inside the bags were push pops and fun dip. I made tags for the outside of the bag and attached a snowman ornament.

24 is a lot of children!!!!!!! I cannot manage three children. How on earth, do you manage 24. It's a gift...... a calling. A gift that I do not possess.

It is raining here. The weatherman is saying that it might be an icy Christmas. I sure hope not. Snow....... yes!!!!! Ice...... NO!!!!!

Have a merry Eve of Christmas Eve.

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