October 30, 2010

We Love You Too T

 Sometimes I think Mr. T gets jealous of the attention we slather on Gus.  So, I shall devote an entire post to him.
 T-bone LOVES being around us (even if he is in the way).  I give him a treat every time Gus goes potty.  This is his reward for not taking Gus to the pond for a soak.  We have a unwritten rule.
Sometimes the urge to rebel is greater than the reward not to.  So....... they disobey........ and go soak!!!
T-bone ALWAYS knows when you are disappointed in him.  He sulks!!!  His face nearly falls to his paws!!!
Gus, on the other hand, doesn't care.  He has sin in his heart.... and NO desire to repent!

As I'm writing this, I'm thinking, why is Gus the favorite?
Oh yeah, I remember why.  T-bone slobbers, Gus doesn't.

I do love you T-bone.

1.  I love when you aren't wiping your drool all over my leg.

2.  I love when you race my car down the driveway.

3.  I love that you quit every time I pass you.  You're just like the monkeys, you'll play as long as you win.

4.  I love that you scare salesman away.

5.  I love that you wouldn't hurt them if your life depended on it.  

6.  I love that you would hurt them if they hurt your family.

7.  I love that you sleep on the steps in the garage.  You don't feel the need to move when we walk out of it.  So........... we step over you.

8.  I love that you wear a man's belt for a collar.

9.  I love that I don't have to bathe you when you get in the pond.

10. I love that you are afraid of thunderstorms, Congo the cat, and gun-shot.  (I don't love that you're afraid, it just seems funny that you are)

October 28, 2010

Artsy Fartsy

Sometimes I feel a little "artsy fartsy".  Sometimes I want to take photos of something besides children throwing balls, kicking balls, catching balls and hitting balls.  Sometimes I want to pretend that I am an artist in France.  
Since I'm not an artist in France, I decided to wander around Rocky Ridge Farm (also known as Hillbilly Hill) and take pictures.

I really don't deserve my rose bushes.  They are completely neglected, yet they bloom and bloom and bloom.

I found more mushrooms.  LOVE....LOVE....LOVE MUSHROOMS!!!
Love to eat them.
Love to find them.
Love to look at them.
If heaven doesn't have mushrooms, I will be really sad!!!!!
 I would love to know what this is.  Our property is littered with them.  Littered in a good way.

It's very windy here today.  Like, blow the hair right off your scalp, windy.  I think it's trying to blow in a storm tonight.

October 26, 2010

Psyco Room Mother

I am the most UN- competitive person you have ever met.  I let people win, so the game will be finished.  I cheer and encourage my opponents.  

Yet, something happens to me when I am assigned to bring favors for a classroom party.  I turn into senorita psychopath.  I want to make all other room mother's treats pale in comparison to mine.  I want children to oooohhhh and ahhhhhh.  I want to razzle and dazzle the teacher with my bag of goodies.  I want to be the hostess with the most-est.
My husband thinks I've lost my mind.  He says, "Why in the world are you spending so much time on this.  Those kids will probably throw all that work in the trash!!!!!"  I needn't remind him that he flips between 3 football games at once.  WHILE LOOKING AT THE LAPTOP for his current Fantasy Football scores.  Don't even go there Buddy!!!!!
The theme.......... EYEBALLS!!!!

With a few ghosts and band-aid gummies thrown in.

Woe is the life of a room mother....................

Punt, Pass, Kick (and a touchdown)

Remember when I said Ryan and Ian placed first in the local Punt, Pass and Kick competition?  Well the 2nd level (which is sectionals) was Saturday morning.  Let me say, for the record, they BOTH did very well!!!  

Ryan placed 2nd in his division.
Ian placed 1st in his.
 Ian's placement was announced first, then Ryan's.  Ian's smug, pain in the rear, little brother, look was captured right after they announced Ryan got 2nd.  
They are slightly competitive, can you tell?  Ian is usually the gopher......the punching bag........ the losing participant.  So, I tolerated a few smug looks and jabs.   
Here are the winners in each division.  If Ian places in the top 5% in Missouri, he will move on to the state finals.  Which means he will compete during the half time of the Chiefs vs. Denver game.  (crossing my fingers)  Then, if he would somehow win that........... we would fly to Hawaii for the National championships.  Ummmm, Ian..... Momma could really use a trip to Hawaii.  No pressure!!!!
 Dad was "an official" helper for the competition.  Pictured beside him is our area YMCA sports coordinator, Mr. Matt.
Ryan is wrestling with his girlfriend's little brother.  His name is Walker.  I call him Talker.  He reminds me of a shorter Ian.  I would love to squeeze his cheeks.   

Ryan's last freshman football game was last night.  THEY WON!!!!  Actually, it was the freshman Hornets 3rd straight shut-out!!!  Whoop-whoop!!!   
 I was excited for three reasons.
1. It was the last football game (that may sound terrible, but really, I've had enough football for a little while).
2. Ryan made an AMAZING touchdown pass in the in zone!!!  Did I say it was AMAZING?  That's not true, it was SUPER-DE-DUPER AMAZING!!!!!!!

3. We finished a football season with no injuries to his right arm.  You know, the pitching arm?  
I am a true blue Hornet.  Always have been, always will be.

October 22, 2010

The Dog's a Mooch!!

 This is what I get to look at everytime I sit down to eat.  I wish you had the audio of the noises he makes.  It sounds a little like Chewbacca.  
 He wants me to fall into a heap of guilt.......... and I do.
I give him a bite.  Then we start the whole process over again.  

You are one SPOILED DOG!!!!!

October 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Ricky-Poo!!!

I'm a little late, but I wanted to honor my husband on his birthday.  So, I compiled a top 20 list of things I love about him.

Why I love you............
1.  You make my coffee and bring it to me when I'm getting ready for church on Sunday mornings.

2.  You and Gracie went to see "Secretariat" all by yourselves because you wanted special time with her.

3.  You call me from work at least twice a day.

4.  You send me flowers often.

5.  You make it to all the kids activities.  Even if it means you have to take time off work (and you're their biggest fan)
6.  You rub my feet while we watch tv together.

7.  When we go into a store, you open the door for me.  You have done this for me for so long that I     sometimes don't realize it.  I'm going to purposefully pay more attention.

8.  You encourage me to be a stay-at-home mommy.  I'm so thankful that it is as important to you as it is to me.

9.  You are bashful in public but love having friends and family over.  I think that you would entertain every weekend if we had the time.

10. You are a human calculator.  When you're around, I never have to do math.  (and that's a good thing!)

11. After 17 years, we still have "date nights".  They aren't as often as you and I would like.  Yet they are still important to us.  We always have so much fun when it's the two of us.

12. You love traveling.  When our monkeys are gone, it's our dream to do LOTS of traveling.

13. You are a big kid.  You love playing basketball in the driveway, pulling the kids behind the 4-wheeler in the snow, buying lots of fireworks on the 4th of July, and playing "The Bigs" on PS3.

 14.  You're such a good coach to our children.  If you're not coaching, you're helping.  It makes me really proud that you are so invested in our children.

  15.  You have a big heart.  You are willing to give your time and your talents to others.

16.  You make sure we travel every year as a family.  These vacations have become very important to all of us.  We all have lots of precious memories of the places we have been.  

17.  I love that you are a big goofball!
18.  I love that sometimes you watch "Top Chef Desserts", "The Real Housewives of New York City", and "American Idol" just for me.  

19.  I love that when we go to bed, you put your foot on my leg.  You've always done that.  

20.  I love that you have given me three beautiful children.  I'm proud of what a good daddy you are.

21.  I love that I had no problem coming up with 20 things that I love about you.

October 20, 2010

The Monster BASH!!!!

 My oh my!!!!  These games were disastrous!!  With a capital D!!!  But the pitcher is cute!!!
 All the spots were full in our age bracket (which is 15 & under).  So..... we had to play up (16 & under).  Our opponents drove THEMSELVES to the games.   They were giants!!  They hit hard....... and often.
Ryan did pitch well considering.  The first game he mowed through 6 of 6 batters.  Six K's in a row!!!  The last game we were ahead until the last couple innings.  The team we played won the whole enchilada.

It's OK Yankees!

October 15, 2010

I really think I'm losing it.......

 A pair of "honkers" have taken temporary residence on our pond.  I wish there were some way to know if these are the same geese that come every year.  Wouldn't that be awesome if they were!!!

GOOSE #1: "Hey, wanna stop at the Smith pond again?"  "Honk-honk!!!"
GOOSE #2: "Sounds good, but remember they have a large dog?"  "A large slobbery dog!"
GOOSE #1:  "Yeah, I remember, but he is dumb as a box of rocks!"  "Honk-honk."
GOOSE #2:  "Besides, he doesn't move very fast!"
GOOSE # 1:  "Honk-honk!"

I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking that I could be a playwright, huh?  It would be called, "THE HONKERS"
I haven't seen Goose 1 or Goose 2 since they flew off in this picture.  Guess the strange lady with the camera scared them off.  I have something funny to share though......... they were flying in the wrong direction.  South is a 180 degree turn.  Hehe.  Guess they aren't the smartest geese in the flock.  Maybe that's why they stop on our pond every year!
I thought I would share some of the things occupying my porch at the moment.  Pumpkins, gourds, straw bales, bees, caterpillars, and mums. 

A little disgusting, yet strangely appealing.  Figure that one out?
It was my deep intention to write a story about Mr. Caterpillar.  It's not going to happen though.  At least not now.  I can't get over this terrible feeling that he isn't going to morph into a butterfly before Winter.  That sorta makes a sick feeling in my belly.  So forgive me if I'm not feeling particularly creative about his life.  These questions are running through my mind.

What is he searching for on my mum?
Is he aware that a frost is coming and he is going to be frozen like a Popsicle?
Or is he thinking that there is all the time in the world to morph?
Does he like oak leaves or maple leaves?
How many legs does he have?

Can you tell I'm tormented by this????  Really..... I need to get a life!!!!
Please morph little caterpillar.  So I can write a story about you!!!!!

By the way.  I've always said caterpillars like this.............catepillars.  I've left out the r.  It seems really weird to say it with an r. 
Did you know that I sang "Jingle Bells" wrong until I was in my 20's?  Apparently a one-horse slope-n-sleigh does not exist.  However a one-horse open sleigh does.  Did you know that I pronounced toilet...........tow-let until I married Rick?  Bet ya didn't. 

Are you worried?  Yah, me too!!!

October 13, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Ryan, you sure are growing up.  
That's what I think when I see these pictures.  
I remember when you were a little tyke.  When you loved dinosaurs and knew everyone of them by name.  I remember having to stop 50 ft. from a stop light.  Then go VERY slowly.  Or stop, then ease forward 1 ft., then stop again.  All this, because you cried when the car stopped for longer than 5 seconds.  Since you were my first child (and I am a worry wart) I thought that I was a terrible mother if you ever cried.  This may explain some things about you now.  Just saying!!
You have know Maggie since you were in Pre-school.  (it's true, I have proof.  Wink ;)  It's sweet seeing you guys together.  

It was an Italian theme.  All the moms pitched in to help (and thank goodness they did).
We served......
Toasted Ravioli and Mozzerrela Sticks for the starter

Salad and Garlic Bread 

Meat Lasagne and Cordon Blu Pasta 
Cheesy Potatoes 

Then a wonderful chocolate dish and Texas Sheet Cake for dessert

Pinning on the corsages was quite a feat.    More people attempted than I have photographs for.

Dawn Dupy, Rick and I all tried.  Nope?  We were beginning to wonder if it was going to happen.  Then alas, Nancy, saved the day!!!!  She's handy that way!!!  I'm sure that Ryan felt like a pin cushion.

Then for the next hour, we tortured them with photos.  Photos, photos and more photos!!!!!!  By the time we were done, they were seeing spots.  They had permanant red-eye.  They were rolling their eyes and whispering mean things about us to each other.  

Sorry the lighting is terrible.  It was dark.  

This is the whole gang.  
and Gentleman.