October 25, 2011

Silly Randomness

My very first 10K.
Does it count if we only ran down the hills and walked up them?
If you average our time of 1 hour and 22 minutes for 6.2 miles, it equals........
13.22 minutes per mile.

Left to Right:
Rhonda, Linda, Lacey, Susan and I
( I'm the only one whos last name wasn't Rucker )

Ryan and his cousin's, Logan and Austin, are all playing for the Chillicothe Hornets this fall.  It seems strange to have them on the same team........but I love it!  

By the way.....Ryan is highly embarrassable.  

This is a prime example.

After we found dog food and mouse droppings in the air filter of the navigator, we decided to get barn cats.  They were NOT going to be pets, they WEREN'T going to have names, we WEREN'T going to get attached.  

Our "barn cats" live on the deck..........and the front porch.

They poop in my flower pots.  They walk on the pool cover.  They squeeze through cracked windows and wake me up at night. 

They beg for warm milk and catnip.

They annoy Congo.

Really?????  GO FIND THE BARN!!!!!!!!!

October 18, 2011

Making The Paper

This was on the front page of Chillicothe's local paper yesterday.  

I copy/pasted the article below.  I highlighted the part where it spoke of Ryan.  

A night of extremes for the Chillicothe High School football Hornets went heavy on the negatives, but was not devoid of plusses as the Hornets lost their fourth-straight game Friday, 56-13 to the host Maryville Spoofhounds.
The biggest negative for Chillicothe was the season-ending injury suffered in the first quarter by one of its two best players, senior Jacob Lewis.  The 2-way starter sustained what CHS head coach Phil Willard said he was told was a broken leg while blocking on a kickoff return in the first quarter.
“Jacob’s kind of our heart and soul. I just feel bad for him,” Willard said after the game, his eyes seeming to moisten as he thought about the loss of the hard-nosed, hard-working senior.
Aside from that saddening occurrence, the game saw a one yard of rushing by the Hornets on 20 carries – both apparently the third-fewest in CHS history – and Maryville's excellent offense steamroll CHS for 427 ground yards, three more than St. Joseph: Lafayette netted a week before, on 49 tries
“We were having good success on the line of scrimmage,” Spoofhounds head coach Chris Holt understated.
Maryville, which led 20-0 after one period and out-gained Chillicothe 351-51 in the first half, was led by fullback Cole Forney's 151 yards and five touchdowns on 14 carries. Sophomore wingback Derek Stiens gained 143 yards on 17 rushes. Both of them were well over 100 yards by halftime of the teams’ Class 3 District 16 opener.
On the plus side for the Hornets, it displayed a heretofore-hidden passing game, completing 18 of 32 throws between sophomore new starter Tyler Clampitt and senior reserve Jake Mathew for 188 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions. Clampitt was 14 of 24 for 162 yards and both scores.
“I was really pleased with the way Tyler threw the football. He saw the field pretty well,” Willard assessed.
“…It was nice to be able to at least get a couple of scores on the board through the air.”
Three CHS receivers – seniors Trevor Reger and Guy Vinson and sophomore Ryan Smith – topped 50 yards and senior Austin Hatfield had the most catches – six. Vinson had a 26-yard TD catch and Smith, who essentially replaced Lewis following his injury, an 18-yarder.
“Ryan Smith caught the ball very well,” Willard observed. “They were doubling Guy a lot of the time, so that opened up some other areas.”

Chillicothe (3-5, 1-5 MEC) will have its final home game – perhaps its last ever at Jerry Litton Memorial Stadium – Friday against Cameron (2-6, 2-3 MEC), which lost to Kansas City: St. Pius X 37-12 in their Class 3 District 16 opener.
Maryville (7-1, 5-1) will travel to Kansas City: St. Pius X (5-3) for its second game of district play.
Despite the program’s rich history of highly-competitive games, especially the past 20 years, Friday’s game was anticipated to potentially become a blowout, given Maryville’s strong play all season and Chillicothe’s difficulty in sustaining a strong level of play for all four quarters. If Maryville came out playing well, there was real risk the outcome could be decided by halftime.
When the host ’Hounds overcame a short return of the opening kickoff and 5-yard penalty on their first play to move the ball 84 yards to paydirt in nine plays, the die was cast.
Forney got the first of his five first-half touchdowns from four yards away, capping a drive highlighted by Derek Stiens’ 39-yard gallop on a third-and-5 counter play the Hornets had a chance to stop right around the first-down marker.
Starting at their own 20, the Hornets’ initial possession began well enough with two runs gaining three yards each and then righthander Clampitt rolling left to hit Reger on an “out” route for 13 yards and another set of downs.
When Clampitt rushed a short swing pass on second down and threw wide of the intended receiver, it put Chillicothe in third and long, which they did not convert, leading to the first of six punts.
Maryville reinforced the message of its initial drive, taking over at its own 28 and inexorably sweeping down the field to score again. On simple “dive” plays, Forney had runs of 11, 29, and 11 yards before bursting up the middle for a 20-yard scoring scamper with 2:52 remaining in the opening period.
As the Hornets tried to adjust their defense to what Maryville was doing play to play and possession, the Spoofhounds were ready with countermeasures, Holt said.
With CHS making alignment changes late in the play clock after Maryville would set its offensive formation, the Hounds “just went high-tempo and just said we basically won’t ‘check’ (audible) anything,” the MHS coach reported. “We were just going to go as fast as we can and see if we can get them and see if we can get them off-balance, and I think that really gave them problems.”
After Clampitt missed a handoff and fumbled the ball away on a first-and-10 at the CHS 40, the quick-paced MHS attack took the ball to the end zone in five snaps, ending with an 11-yard Forney run. That made it 20-0 after one quarter.

October 14, 2011

Too Much Information!!!

I'm about to share as many random things happening this week at the Smith's house as I can think of.....
Here we go.............

1.  I made 7 batches of puppy chow yesterday.  That means 6 large boxes of Chex cereal, four bags of chocolate chips, two jars of peanut butter and four sticks of butter.  All because we are playing football tonight against the Maryville Spoofhounds and puppy chow seemed appropriate.  (note: I didn't know what a spoofhound was until I googled it.  If I'm being honest, I'm still not quite sure.)

2. I have had a violent case of a stomach bug that has left me with a permanent toilet ring imprint on my hiney.  (too much information......sorry about that).

3. I made a FB account for my daughter and I haven't seen her so excited since......ummmm.....the Taylor Swift concert.

4. I have walked a beach littered with dead jellyfish and 10 ft + waves.  My man was beside me and I smooched his face a couple times......that made the jelly fish go away in my mind.

5. I may have had too many cocktails in Florida.  I have been told that I waved and shouted hello to every person that walked by me on the street.  I may have even asked two homosexual men to be "The Uncles" of my children.  But Rick has no proof of this and I'm sticking to my innocence.

6. I watched my middle son's football team win in the last few minutes of his football game.  Ohhhhh, how I love watching Ian play football.  I cannot even begin to describe it.......so I won't.  Just trust me, it's a whole, whole, whole bunch.

7. I went to Gracie's universal breakfast on Tuesday, only to find out that it isn't until NEXT Tuesday.  So, I'm an idiot!  I ate breakfast with her anyway and it was a pure delight.  Sometimes mistakes are awesome!!!

8. I have been ten shades of grumpy in the last three days.  I feel a change of mood coming though.  I feel like my bowels are going to be nicer today.  (again......too much information).

9. I made my first batch of apple dumplings that I thought, were an epic failure!   I also made a dinner experiment that I WILL NOT be trying again.  Rick said he liked it, but I know that's only because he's afraid to say otherwise.

looked like this........

tasted like this.......

10. I am wanting to start a new "Thank You Thursday" based on a blog I enjoy from time to time.  It's called http://thxthxthx.com and I laugh every time I read it.  So, in honor of my strange-ness, I will give you my very first "Thank You Thursday" installment on a Friday.......because, that's how I roll!

So in lieu of my week........

Thank you lower intestine,
For never quite letting me forget you are there.  There are many individuals who live their lives without being fully aware of you.  
When I'm nervous..........you are there for me!
When I'm scared.............you are there!
Angry........yep.....you're still there!!!
Your needle-like pains jabbing through my abdomen give me the cold sweats.  I'm then reminded of child-birth and the joys of motherhood.  You give me gas bubbles that leave my family in complete wonder.  I'm so very thankful that you begin rumbling within a 45 mile radius of my house, while praying at church, or as I lay down at night to sleep.  
Lovingly attached to you,

P.S.  I hope I haven't scared you with my first note.
Tootles friends!!!!!!

October 12, 2011

Fall Walk

I went for a walk in the woods last week.  The same woods I went to last Fall (here is the post).  It was the same park, same time, same season, and same trail.  Yet the view couldn't have been more different.    At first I was disappointed because I thoughly enjoyed looking at the moss beds and mushrooms, but I found other things this time I didn't see before.  Leaves in every shade of red, orange and yellow and squirrels devouring mountains of acorns.  

I'm not feeling too wordy today, so I will just let you look.  
Happy Wednesday!
Happy Fall!

apple cider
autumn  apples
bonfire    boots
brown  corn

cool weather
crow crisp air
full moon
leaves  hot cocoa
fog  sweaters

Halloween  hot tea
Pumpkins    leaves

October 11, 2011

Dirty Dog

Most days, Gus' life is uneventful.  
He wakes up.....
goes potty.....
eats breakfast......
has a nap......
and then begins it all again.

He is allowed an occasional car ride, a chicken flavored bone out of his treat jar, and sometimes......sometimes, he gets a bite off my plate at dinner.  

All these things are fun, however, Gus' thrill in life is when I let him out to potty......and then forget he's out there.  

You see, Gus is three years old.  In dog years, that makes him 25.  I found an online dog/human conversion table......so it MUST be true!  Often times 25 year old boys are mischievous!  Since I am now 27 (ahem) and a girl, I have left those childish things behind. 
Gus still has an onery streak.  Forgetting him outside is like an open invitation to misbehavior.  He partners in crime with his older, yet no wiser friend, Mr. T.  Or T-bone as he is also known.  They go on adventures....dreaming of being stars in a rock band....discovering skeletal remains of pre-historic dinosaur bones and treeing a raccoon.

Then the inevitable happens, the pond!  It's forbidden, therefore, enticing!!!!  It calls their names, "Gus....T-Bone.....I have water, mud, frogs and bugs"!  
Then before I can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, they are bathing knee deep in murky stinky water.  The same water that houses loads of algae, worms, snakes, etc.  EEEEWWWW!
When they return, Gus is muddy from his chest down.  And I, his mother, get to bathe him.  During the warm months, this isn't a big deal.  I bring the doggie shampoo outside, suds him up and hose him off.  Easy peasy!  But when the weather is too cool for my pampered puppy, he gets the jetted tub.  

Is Gus fond of the jetted tub?  NO!
Do I care if Gus if fond of the jetted tub?  NO!
Do I want to bop him in the noggin with the shampoo bottle?  YES!

Now, the puppy dog look comes.  Mommy, I'm sorry that I'm a mischievious 25 year old.  

It's really tough being a dog you know?  

Ughhhh, I forgive you Gus!  Good grief!!!

October 5, 2011

Ready to Rummmmbbllleeeee!

Ian had his first away game against Cameron last Thursday.  
His team-mates take turns being Captains.  This week was Ian's turn.  

I'm not sure he was listening to the ref's instructions though, because of a mouthpiece malfunction.

A really, really bad mouthpiece malfunction!  

Alright...alright...let's shake hands so we can tackle each other!  Blah...blah...blah....yes, I will be a good sport.  Yada...yada...yada......I promise not to clobber them to hard.  La-Ti-Da........no I am not on a growth hormone!  

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!!!!!

Rick always stands on the side-lines as the team doc.  I always pray that he isn't needed, but it's handy having him there.  It decreases my mommy instinct to run onto the field when my babies get knocked down.   I tend to.......um.......overreact

Ian surprises me when he plays football.  Normally, he has a comfort bubble that no one is allowed into.  He's not especially fond of hugs.  However, when he's on the field, the bubble pops!!!!!  I love how he is staring down his opponent.  Nope......no bubble there.

Then, the ball is snapped and Ian rushes across the line to make his tackle.  If you had audio with these pictures, you would hear helmets clanking together and grunting.  Lots of grunting!

Looks like E-man has two or three boys on this play.

I love watching you play pigskin!  

October 1, 2011

Gracie's Dream Day

Last Saturday Gracie went to her very first concert.  We picked up her BFF first thing that morning and headed to the city.  They both wanted matching outfits.....only different colors.  I'm cool with that!  

This little number is what they finally agreed on.  The silly faces are an added assessory.

As you can see, my Aunt's dog, Taken, loves to be included.

We were one of the first people to arrive (cause we were so stinkin' excited).  We needed snacks (what's a concert without pretzels, nachos, cheese popcorn and cotton candy?)

This is the stage.  You cannot believe the props and lights and fireworks.  Honestly, Taylor Swift isn't my favorite singer/songwriter, sorry Gracie.....but her stage was the best I had ever seen.  NO QUESTION!!!

This tree was placed in the opposite end zone.  That way both sides of the stadium were able to see her up close.  When the lights were dimmed, they lit this bad boy up in every pastel shade that you can imagine.  Even the Easter Bunny would have been impressed!  She sang three songs under that tree.  Of course, while there, she couldn't do a "dress change".  Gracie thought that maybe she wore her favorite dress while doing that part 'cause she wore it the longest.  

I thought I would include the article from the KC Star.  It is better able to summarize the night with better adjectives than I'm capable of.  


Taylor Swift’s KC show a rush of spectacle and songs

Taylor Swift sang her hits — and her  young audience sang along all night — at Saturday’s show at Arrowhead Stadium.
SHANE KEYSER | The Kansas City Star
Taylor Swift sang her hits — and her young audience sang along all night — at Saturday’s show at Arrowhead Stadium.
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The football stadium is where rock megastars go to show off their muscle and might. It’s no place for the small, the slight or the meek.
So when Taylor Swift announced that some of the dates in her Speak Now Tour would be at football stadiums, including our own Arrowhead, some of us wondered how her pop anthems, her stage personae and her somewhat infamous voice would translate.
Saturday night, we got our answer: Just fine. For more than two hours, she rained spectacle and hit songs on nearly 50,000 fans, most of them fawning teen and preteen girls with mothers in tow.
The show was a manic rush of sights and sounds: fashion/wardrobe changes, dancing (including ballet and tap), aerial feats, the usual visual treats (confetti, fireworks, flash pots) and 17 songs performed by Swift and her nine-piece band, all presented before a towering, lavish and garish stage (big red curtain, balcony, ramps, trap doors) that rivaled one or two of U2’s stadium showcases.
At times, the circus going on around her threatened to overwhelm Swift and her songs.
The stage was flanked by two large, high-definition video screens that broadcast all the action and energy to those in the upper deck of Arrowhead. It also projected close-ups of Swift singing and playing instruments (guitar, banjo, piano, ukulele).
If she was getting any vocal “help,” it wasn’t obvious. In fact, it was obvious many times, especially when the cameras zoomed in on her, that she was singing live — and more than adequately.
She would give the folks in back some personal attention about halfway through the show, when she left the main stage, skipped to the other end of the stadium and performed solo-acoustic on a satellite stage, under another prop: A glowing, lighted tree. If anything, all the skits and interludes, which made time for all the wardrobe changes, interrupted the flow of the show.
Do the math: 17 songs in two hours and 10 minutes means there were plenty of breaks.
All the gowns and glitter and dancing and props and drama skits were icing on the cupcakes, which were the songs.
The night was one long sing-along, even when she slipped into a few verses of One Republic’s “Apologize.”
She opened with “Sparks Fly” from her “Speak Now” album, which has gone triple-platinum since its release a year ago, then two more from that album: “Mine” and “Story of Us.” But it didn’t matter much which album she pulled a song from, her fans sang along with her all night.
The show was one long highlight but a few songs ignited louder responses, such as “You Belong With Me,” “Fearless” on the ukulele, “Dear John” and the closer, “Love Story.”
Swift turns 22 in December, but she still has some of the mannerisms of a girl in her teens (the skipping, the hair flinging, some facial expressions), which suit some of her material. She ended with one of her best songs, “Fifteen,” a parable about young love that seems to resonate hard with the adolescents and with the mothers who brought them.
She can probably do that song until she retires, but it will be interesting to see how she evolves, as a songwriter and stage performer, away from the teen themes that have made her so popular. I suppose she needn’t worry about that for a bit. Right now, she’s one of the biggest things in popular music, and she has the stadium show to prove it.

As an added bonus for you.......AND ME!
I carried our little point and shoot into the concert because I didn't want to lug around the big Canon.  
It was already loaded with a memory card and a full battery.  No prep needed, I just threw it in my purse.  When I went to download the photos from our night, I found a few bonus pictures.  For instance, this nice little number of Gracie's doll, Felicity.

A nice shot of Gracie's bedroom.

The contents of our fridgerator.

A stunning self-portrait

Our Boo-boo bunny who has lived in our freezer since Ryan was a toddler.

And lastly, a pyramid that Gracie made out of M&M poker chips.  

All for your viewing pleasure!