October 14, 2011

Too Much Information!!!

I'm about to share as many random things happening this week at the Smith's house as I can think of.....
Here we go.............

1.  I made 7 batches of puppy chow yesterday.  That means 6 large boxes of Chex cereal, four bags of chocolate chips, two jars of peanut butter and four sticks of butter.  All because we are playing football tonight against the Maryville Spoofhounds and puppy chow seemed appropriate.  (note: I didn't know what a spoofhound was until I googled it.  If I'm being honest, I'm still not quite sure.)

2. I have had a violent case of a stomach bug that has left me with a permanent toilet ring imprint on my hiney.  (too much information......sorry about that).

3. I made a FB account for my daughter and I haven't seen her so excited since......ummmm.....the Taylor Swift concert.

4. I have walked a beach littered with dead jellyfish and 10 ft + waves.  My man was beside me and I smooched his face a couple times......that made the jelly fish go away in my mind.

5. I may have had too many cocktails in Florida.  I have been told that I waved and shouted hello to every person that walked by me on the street.  I may have even asked two homosexual men to be "The Uncles" of my children.  But Rick has no proof of this and I'm sticking to my innocence.

6. I watched my middle son's football team win in the last few minutes of his football game.  Ohhhhh, how I love watching Ian play football.  I cannot even begin to describe it.......so I won't.  Just trust me, it's a whole, whole, whole bunch.

7. I went to Gracie's universal breakfast on Tuesday, only to find out that it isn't until NEXT Tuesday.  So, I'm an idiot!  I ate breakfast with her anyway and it was a pure delight.  Sometimes mistakes are awesome!!!

8. I have been ten shades of grumpy in the last three days.  I feel a change of mood coming though.  I feel like my bowels are going to be nicer today.  (again......too much information).

9. I made my first batch of apple dumplings that I thought, were an epic failure!   I also made a dinner experiment that I WILL NOT be trying again.  Rick said he liked it, but I know that's only because he's afraid to say otherwise.

looked like this........

tasted like this.......

10. I am wanting to start a new "Thank You Thursday" based on a blog I enjoy from time to time.  It's called http://thxthxthx.com and I laugh every time I read it.  So, in honor of my strange-ness, I will give you my very first "Thank You Thursday" installment on a Friday.......because, that's how I roll!

So in lieu of my week........

Thank you lower intestine,
For never quite letting me forget you are there.  There are many individuals who live their lives without being fully aware of you.  
When I'm nervous..........you are there for me!
When I'm scared.............you are there!
Angry........yep.....you're still there!!!
Your needle-like pains jabbing through my abdomen give me the cold sweats.  I'm then reminded of child-birth and the joys of motherhood.  You give me gas bubbles that leave my family in complete wonder.  I'm so very thankful that you begin rumbling within a 45 mile radius of my house, while praying at church, or as I lay down at night to sleep.  
Lovingly attached to you,

P.S.  I hope I haven't scared you with my first note.
Tootles friends!!!!!!

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  1. Fun times at the Smith house! I tried apple dumplings last year--fail! I could not get the pastry to wrap around the apples. Almost made me crazy. Enjoy the last few football games...almost over. :(