March 31, 2010

April Fool's Day

It's April Fools Day!!!!!!!!!!

I'm usually not much of a practical joker. But I've always thought it would be fun to have something like this for a supper...............
It's meatloaf and mashed potatoes disguised as a piece of pie.
Then have this for dessert. It's disguised as chicken-pot-pie.

Recipes are here and here

Once we came home and found two baby pigs in the back yard. It was a one acre yard and these smelly lil' burgers weren't tame. Needless to say, it took four adults to catch them. I really hate admitting that it was sort-of funny.

Well, moving on to family business. And boy of boy do I have some good stuff.

Gracie comes home with treasures in her backpack. I cannot help but save these things. I throw away probably 90% of it. But that other 10%, well, it's priceless!

I thought you would enjoy her latest treasures. In case you cannot read what she has written on the papers, I will type what they say. (Just as she has written them!)
Dear Magy,

Did you like thoose (those) girls at the asibly (assembly) today?
Can you spind (spend) the night with me on Friday? Why do you love
Jadon alot? Do you still love Brock Gout? I love Westley. Do you
think thats true or not? Your a good friend. Your my best friend. I
like your hair.


The last sentence made me laugh.

The second letter is a rough draft from Martin Luther King's Birthday.
Let me tell you about Martin Luther King, Jr.. There was a man named Martin Luther King, Jr. He was born on January 15, 1929. He gave an awesom (awesome) sppech so every colored one got equal rights as the whites did. A cuple (couple) years after that day he won the Nobel Peace Prize. He was in a hotel and a guy shot him in the back of his head and that was the last of his life, but people still celebrate his birthday on the third Monday in January. Aren't you glad he fought for equal rights.


This is what her teacher said about her after the third quarter........
Gracie is a very strong second grader. She has great writing skills. I hope someday she an have a horse. She has some wonderful stories about them.

Ryan and Ian have also been bringing home some treasures.
They had an awards assembly for last year's MAP testing.

Ryan won two awards
Ian won three awards
Including this mac-daddy.
I know it doesn't mean much to most of you, trust me, it's a big deal!!

It means that they both got their brains from their Dad.

I also have a sneak peek.



March 29, 2010

Last week's recap

Remember these?
Now they look like this.
Isn't is amazing what a few short days will do? Imagine a large bush covered with these yellow-green puff balls.

Last week our church hosted a Christian concert. The singer....... Wayne Kerr.
Here are some of the youth afterwards posing with Wayne.
Our youth pastor handing the mic. over.
Gracie had Magy Thomas spend the night Saturday. I heard lots and lots of giggles.
Last but not least, my bottom hurts after sitting through 12 basketball games. That equals at least 12 hours on a rock-hard bleacher. Oh the pain!
The only reason we sat through that many games is because they kept winning. So I really shouldn't be complaining. We lost the championship game in the last half of the last game. Second place isn't shabby AT ALL! I'm super proud of all of them.

Way to go boys!!!!!!!

I cannot wait to post tomorrow. We have a sneak of something that will make you "HOPPY".

March 27, 2010


1. I sometimes run up and down the stairs three times to justify eating a cookie.

2. Tanning is a little like mood-lighting. It smooths out the flaws.

3. Bury me with a salt shaker. If you know me, you will understand that.

4. I have a book in my bathroom called, "Uncle John's Fast Acting, Long Lasting Bathroom Reader". (I read it and I learn things, who knew?)

5. The majority of my cleaning is done 1 hour before Rick gets home.

6. I HATE snakes and mice but lizards and squirrels are kind-of cute.

7. I can justify almost any purchase with a coupon.

8. I secretly think Kevin James is cute. HOWEVER, I don't want to see him without a shirt. For that matter, I don't want to see him without any clothing. Maybe not even without a sock.

9. I'm a collector of office supplies. I love sharpies, highlighters, mechanical pencils, notepads, and push-pins.

10. I haven't read a book written for an adult in years. And I for sure haven't read anything that could possibly be a true story in........... I don't know how long. Yet, I read all the time.

March 25, 2010

Spring Showers

It's raining here for the second day in a row. The ground is saturated and oh-so-muddy. The skies are grey and I just want to sleep.
Puddles are everywhere. But I'm beginning to see some green. For that, I WILL BE THANKFUL!
I get to wipe Gus' paws off many times a day. He is all boy, for sure!!!!
This may not be Rick's favorite post, but I thought the pictures were sweet. I have been cutting Rick's hair at home for years. On this night, Gracie gave her first hair cut.

I didn't have my flash on, so it's a bit blurry. You get the idea though.

It's almost Easter. I've never anticipated it so much. My views are changing and I realize the importance of it more than ever. Christ came as a baby on Christmas. However, he's not a baby anymore. HE IS RISEN, for lil' ole me. That tugs my heart strings friends.

March 23, 2010

10 things happening at the Smiths

A few things happening in our lives lately................

1. I'm super excited to get our dining room set that we ordered in 1989. (Or 12 weeks ago....whichever)
The Amish must be chiseling it by hand. You cannot call to check on their progress either. They don't have phones, gee whill-i-kers!!!! Please note my impatience.

2. This came via "the box man" yesterday. Hummm???? Very Interesting!!!!
Do you suppose the Easter bunny is going to live at OUR house? Shhhhh, it's a secret!!!!

3. I'm finishing a 10 week bible study this Friday. Hopefully I will apply the life-changing lessons I've learned.

4. Rick has bought this....................

5. and this.....................

6. Ian bought one of these with his OWN MONEY. It is usually attached to his hands.

7. Rick bought his and Ryan's tickets yesterday to go to Haiti in July. (biting my nails)

8. I'm getting jazzed about drinking my first pop in five weeks. I might add, the longest five weeks of my life. (aside from the last five weeks of my three pregnancies)

9. I've procrastinated losing my swimsuit weight for my late April trip. Now, I'm on "starvation mode". I must, I must, I must!!!!!!!!

10. I'm nearly finished with Ian's room. However, I'm saving photos until it is COMPLETELY done. Since we had to order ANOTHER piece of furniture. It's gonna be five whole weeks before you can get a peek!

See...... I tell you that we aren't too exciting. I wake up...... clean....... do laundry....... run the monkeys.......... GO TO WAL-MART........... PIGGLY WIGGLY........... and occasionally fix a meal or two.

Quite boring friends!!!

But I like it.

March 22, 2010

woe is me!!!!

Jumpin' Jehoshaphat..... won't the weather just "let up" already? My hair is about to stand on end from frustration!!! Snow!!! It's March. It's LATE March!!!!! ENOUGH I SAY!!!!

Whew, had to get that out.

It's really been a frustrating week friends. The weather didn't help. (just in case you are wondering where my temper tantrum is coming from)

My cook top...................... well it shattered! Not good!

My cat keeps puking hair balls all over the house. I have wood floors. They cover 80% of the main level. The other 20% (for you mathematicians), is rug. Do you think Congo pukes on the wood where I could easily clean it................... NO!!! Always on the rugs! Seriously CONGO!!!!
As if that isn't enough, he keeps laying on my bed as if he's posing for a spread in PLAYGIRL. Ewwwwww!!!!! Congo, show some modesty!!!
I have raised you better than that!!

You say it's a free country? Well not as long as I buy your cat food it isn't!
Then lastly, my dog has had a violent streak of gas. We had friends over yesterday and Gus was ripe. It was so violent, we had to lock him up in his gage. People were sticking fingers in their nose so they couldn't smell him!!! Our pets have seriously hindered our social life.

and he thinks that's funny!!!!

March 18, 2010

Daylight savings is STUPID!!!!!

It doesn't seem fair to have to wake up before the sun. My body has been in revolt mode for nearly a week. ☀Dang daylight savings☀!!!! I run on a tight schedule. I love routine. DON'T MESS WITH ME.

My children feel the same way. I broke out the camera this morning while waiting for the bus. They didn't think it was funny.

I will NOT smile, I will NOT look at you!!!!!
I will NOT smile, I will NOT look at you
I MIGHT smile, but I will NOT look at you.

He only smiled for these two reasons:
1. He is an early bird.
2. I just hollered at him for covering his face with his arm. My children FEAR ME!!!!

So, long story, short. If our government decided to "leave well enough alone" (ahem, leave ME alone by leaving the TIME alone), my vote might be negotiable! (I'm just saying......).

I feel the Democrats and Republicans trembling at my threats.

Just so you know, T-bone wasn't smiling either........

March 16, 2010

Loving the weather!

The sound of a bouncing basketball outside my house is music to my ears. Someday I know I will miss that.

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce..... bounce, bounce, (that was a foul!!!!!) Bounce, bounce, bounce, (no it wasn't) Bounce, bounce, bounce. You get the idea.

I've finally convinced my eldest to cut "this" hair. The appointment is the afternoon. I'm going to do the hair-cut dance. Before and after to be posted tomorrow. YEAH!!!!

First glimpses of things popping out of our water-logged soil. I planted a 100 bulbs last fall. I'm anxious to see how many survive our rabbits. I've noticed a few are already missing their tops. Arrggg. Pesky pests!!!!! Pesky pets that we may own VERY SOON, (wink, wink)! SSHHHHH, this is a secret from the Easter bunny!!!!

My time has been off daylight savings. Why-oh-why do they do this to me. Leave time alone for crying out loud!!!!

So, I'm off to find out whether it's 8:18 am or 9:19 am. If it's 9:19 am, I'm in BIG trouble!!!!

March 13, 2010

I do believe Spring won't fail us

Do you know what made me want to do a jig outside today?
These beauties!!!!! Listen, my friends, I DO BELIEVE THAT SPRING IS COMING!!! I wondered at times. But my fears are subsiding. Peculiar things are happening. For instance..... we have had lots of precipitation this week annnnnnndddd, it wasn't WHITE!!!!! (gasp)
I heard a song bird outside and geese are on the move.

However, the proof that that Spring is drawing near is..........
Chick Days at Orscheln's. Yes friends, the chicks and ducklings have arrived at our local farm store. And I, your fellow "sucker", want lots of them. They are cute and furry and bright yellow. Awwwww!!!

Let's all say it on the count of three. 1............ 2.............. 3.............. AWWWWWWWWWW!

Do you think the word "awwww" makes Rick change his chicken hating mind? No! It doesn't!

Do you think photos of the monkeys holding the chicks (sent via cell phone) would change his mind? Ummm, NO!

Do you think his loving wife and daughter batting their eyelashes at him would change his mind? Think again!!

He said no to a Haitian baby, now chickens. Heartless, truly heartless!!!!

You know what I did to punish him for his selfishness.......

I bought myself some clothes.

Fluffy Spring colors and new "worn-out jeans.

That'll teach him.

Phase two of Spring decorating.

Finally done! Whew!!!
I spruced up the couch with a few new pillows

and pulled this birdie out of "rubbermaid storage"

Gracie and I made lemon cookies.

and we may be stuck at home for a week if the Grand River doesn't quit rising!!!

Now, that would be terrible!!