March 7, 2010

Because it's MY BLOG

This basketball season started back in October with Ryan's middle school basketball. Friends, it's March, and we are still playing!!! Ugh!! I now have a bleacher butt. hehe

Ryan's Y team was undefeated. That turns the corners of my mouth up.
He loves the game. That's good, because he plays it well.

Last Saturday we watched Ian play 4 games. (All before 12:00 pm, might I add) If I didn't love the monkeys so stinkin' much, there would be NO WAY!!!

I'm gonna brag a bit because........ it's my blog and I can do what I want!!!

Ian is a natural on the court. He has always played basketball but something has "clicked" in him this year. HE IS GOOD!!!

and because I cannot leave her out...............

My lil' Gracie. I had a funny conversation with her yesterday that I thought I would share. But before you read on, please understand that this may be a "had to be there moment". I'm quite sure that my writing abilities will not be able to equal the laughter over the situation. So, you have been warned:

It's 11:21

She comes into my bedroom and says, "Mom is it breakfast time or lunch time".

I say, "Well, we are going to have breakfast for lunch".

She starts crying.............

I'm seriously confused by the flood of emotions.

So I ask, "What's wrong"?

She says, "I haven't even had breakfast yet and your making lunch. I'm going to be SO HUNGRY!!!"

I do not get the logic of her sometimes. That's OK, I just laugh. (But I don't dare laugh in front of her. That is her little pet peeve.)

The Easter decor is out! I'm so sad that a few of my favorite pieces didn't survive. I had a little memorial for them. (sniff)
These are some Jadite eggs that I've had for eeeeons. (what is a eon?)
A nice find from Marshalls
I've also been adding some live plants to the decor. I'm so ready for some outdoor blooms. How about you guys?

I made this yesterday for the monkeys. It was gone in less than an hour.

I also made a cheesecake for the family.

I'm still not sure why I make things like that when I KNOW I cannot have it. It doesn't make sense. Somehow though, it fills a sort of void watching someone else eat it. Am I crazy? Probably.

Well better get off the computer and get my day started. I see "painting a tiger" in my future.

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