March 16, 2010

Loving the weather!

The sound of a bouncing basketball outside my house is music to my ears. Someday I know I will miss that.

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce..... bounce, bounce, (that was a foul!!!!!) Bounce, bounce, bounce, (no it wasn't) Bounce, bounce, bounce. You get the idea.

I've finally convinced my eldest to cut "this" hair. The appointment is the afternoon. I'm going to do the hair-cut dance. Before and after to be posted tomorrow. YEAH!!!!

First glimpses of things popping out of our water-logged soil. I planted a 100 bulbs last fall. I'm anxious to see how many survive our rabbits. I've noticed a few are already missing their tops. Arrggg. Pesky pests!!!!! Pesky pets that we may own VERY SOON, (wink, wink)! SSHHHHH, this is a secret from the Easter bunny!!!!

My time has been off daylight savings. Why-oh-why do they do this to me. Leave time alone for crying out loud!!!!

So, I'm off to find out whether it's 8:18 am or 9:19 am. If it's 9:19 am, I'm in BIG trouble!!!!

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