March 27, 2010


1. I sometimes run up and down the stairs three times to justify eating a cookie.

2. Tanning is a little like mood-lighting. It smooths out the flaws.

3. Bury me with a salt shaker. If you know me, you will understand that.

4. I have a book in my bathroom called, "Uncle John's Fast Acting, Long Lasting Bathroom Reader". (I read it and I learn things, who knew?)

5. The majority of my cleaning is done 1 hour before Rick gets home.

6. I HATE snakes and mice but lizards and squirrels are kind-of cute.

7. I can justify almost any purchase with a coupon.

8. I secretly think Kevin James is cute. HOWEVER, I don't want to see him without a shirt. For that matter, I don't want to see him without any clothing. Maybe not even without a sock.

9. I'm a collector of office supplies. I love sharpies, highlighters, mechanical pencils, notepads, and push-pins.

10. I haven't read a book written for an adult in years. And I for sure haven't read anything that could possibly be a true story in........... I don't know how long. Yet, I read all the time.


  1. Hey princess, I know one book you read that is a true story

  2. You should read 'Pillars of the Earth' & 'World
    Without End' both by Ken Follett.