March 3, 2010

Spring countown

I just put the monkeys on the bus (sniff... sniff). There is something about putting them on that big, yellow, tank on wheels that gets to me. Most mornings, I send up what I call an arrow prayer for their protection. (I call them arrow prayers because they are short, direct and to the point)

Although it's Thursday, today is Friday to us. NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!!! Normally about this time of year, I become tired of school. I want my babies home!!!! I want to sleep in most mornings and make them big a big brunch.

I will make note: around mid-July, I am ready for school to begin again.
The snow is still everywhere friends. Despite 40 degree temperatures this week, the white stuff lingers.
Gracie has started a Spring countdown. For the last 5 days, she has given told us how long we have till our misery is over. Today, it is 16 days (at least that is what she says. I've not done the official count myself).
While I was at the store yesterday. I bought some artificial Spring. Flowers!!!! I know it isn't the same friends but my soul is crying for anything!!!!!

I even put out my Easter decorations. This has slightly improved my mood.

Today, I am going to expose myself to some fake UV's. The infamous tanning bed!!! (gasp)

Oh my, I'm jumping into this photo!!!!! See ya when the snow melts. hehe

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