March 13, 2010

I do believe Spring won't fail us

Do you know what made me want to do a jig outside today?
These beauties!!!!! Listen, my friends, I DO BELIEVE THAT SPRING IS COMING!!! I wondered at times. But my fears are subsiding. Peculiar things are happening. For instance..... we have had lots of precipitation this week annnnnnndddd, it wasn't WHITE!!!!! (gasp)
I heard a song bird outside and geese are on the move.

However, the proof that that Spring is drawing near is..........
Chick Days at Orscheln's. Yes friends, the chicks and ducklings have arrived at our local farm store. And I, your fellow "sucker", want lots of them. They are cute and furry and bright yellow. Awwwww!!!

Let's all say it on the count of three. 1............ 2.............. 3.............. AWWWWWWWWWW!

Do you think the word "awwww" makes Rick change his chicken hating mind? No! It doesn't!

Do you think photos of the monkeys holding the chicks (sent via cell phone) would change his mind? Ummm, NO!

Do you think his loving wife and daughter batting their eyelashes at him would change his mind? Think again!!

He said no to a Haitian baby, now chickens. Heartless, truly heartless!!!!

You know what I did to punish him for his selfishness.......

I bought myself some clothes.

Fluffy Spring colors and new "worn-out jeans.

That'll teach him.

Phase two of Spring decorating.

Finally done! Whew!!!
I spruced up the couch with a few new pillows

and pulled this birdie out of "rubbermaid storage"

Gracie and I made lemon cookies.

and we may be stuck at home for a week if the Grand River doesn't quit rising!!!

Now, that would be terrible!!

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  1. Bet you cant guessMarch 15, 2010 at 8:39 PM

    I WANT THAT BIRD, NOW!!!!!!!!