May 27, 2011

Fear of Manual Settings

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I am taking a photography class online.  It is 9 weeks full of apeture, f-stops, depth of field, iso, and shutter speed.  I feel like a baby learning how to walk.

My instructor has "lovingly" told me to venture away from any automatic settings......
and turn the dial to manual.  I'm happy in automatic.  I rely on automatic.  I'm comfortable in automatic.

Good thing you don't have sound-o-vision, 'cause I'm screaming!

I used my loving family as guinea pigs the other day....... 

and Kermit the Frog also volunteered.

 I have lots to learn......but friends......that's why I'm doing it, right?

May 25, 2011


Ian celebrated a birthday last week.  It crept on me, as most birthdays tend to do.  Whether mine or otherwise! This birthday was a bit more significant than the some though.  This birthday had a teen placed on the back of it.  AS IN thirTEEN!  You wanna know how that makes me feel?  Well, let me go put some wrinkle cream on and grab a few prunes....... then we will talk!

As far as teenagers go.......... Ian seems to be an easy one.  Granted he has only been a teen for less than 6 days.  But the past 6 days have resulted in no groundings, eye rolls, back talks, or sighs.  So, for that, I'm thankful.  I only have 2,184 days of teen days left with him......... not that I am counting.  

We are usually leaving for our family vacation around his birthday and this year is no exception.  So, as always, he will be having friends stay over immediately after our return.  I didn't want his day to go unnoticed however.  So Rick and I headed to town to purchase a cake, ice-cream and things to make a nice dinner for him.  While looking in Wal-mart's bakery dept (for a cake that didn't have Barbie or Disney Princess on it), we found this gem!!!!  This giant slab of sugery faux hamburger with a side of sweet faux french fries.  How stinking perfect!  Why was a hamburger cake with a side of fries perfect, you ask?  My answer, THIS IS IAN WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!  His heart beats faster at the sight of a juicy hamburger that fills his plate.  This is the same boy who orders hamburgers at Mexican restaurants.

Happy birthday Son!  Thank you for being an easy teenager these past 6 days.

I love you!

May 24, 2011

Big Mouth Bass

Several days ago, my red-head ran in the house, gasping for air!!  He shouted, "MOM, MOM, MOM!"  That was my clue to stop whatever I was doing immediately........ and run!  

Many things go through your head when you think something might be wrong with your children.  Maybe the house is on fire, maybe they ran the truck into the side of the barn, maybe the dog is stuck up to the neck in mud, maybe Publishers Clearing House just showed up with a 10 million dollar check?

It didn't take long to discover that it was none of the above.  

The excitement came in the form of a green and yellow, large eyed, big mouth bass!

I wasn't even sure that our tiny little pond was capable of growing a fish that large.

So...... I broke out the camera and snapped away.  Gracie wanted to be included (and I reluctantly agreed I really have to explain?)
She may have painted her face at school that day.  She may have came in the house walking backwards because she wanted to surprise me.  She may have came home two other days that week with different designs around her eye balls.  
What have our schools become?  He he!

Ryan wanted me to capture the resemblance between he and the fish.  I see it....... do you?

Then the official weigh-in............ (drumroll please..........)

The winner, weighing in at 4 pounds and 3/10 is Ryan Smith!!!! (and the crowd goes wild...... and so does the mommy)

May 21, 2011

Family Love

I'm not sure what I'd do without my family.  
They are a huge sense of comfort when I'm down.
They love me when I'm strange.

They love my babies unconditionally.  I say unconditionally because sometimes my babies can be onery!

They make me laugh.

They make my heart swell up because I love them so much!

They eat a crazy amount of food (just like me!)

They do silly things and don't get embarrased about it.

They call and text me every day!

They smoke delicious meat that I cannot keep my fingers out of!

They hug me and say I love you once every hour while we are together.

They are all very nice to look at!

I love you guys!

May 20, 2011

Ya Mon!

I've been getting texts, emails and phone calls about my sudden lack of posts.
Sorry guys.... I'm still sucking in oxygen.
I've just needed a wee break.  

I've been up to my eye balls in a photography class.  I love learning more about it and I hope that it improves my photo taking skills.

I've been gearing up for a family vacation to Jamacia.  
I've done some research on Jamacian English.  It isn't the same as American English.  
For example:
"Is you cawz de accident" means...... "You are the one that caused the accident."
"How yuh nyam summuch?" means......."How do you eat so much?"
"Mi wud radda yu nuh chat to mi." means...... "I would rather you not talk to me."
"I'm jook mi inna mi yeye." means...... "He poked me in the eye."
"Mi madda sey yuh fi lef mi." means..... "My mother said that you are to leave me alone."
"Dat dawta pretty lakka money." "A fi mi dawta." means.... "That daughter is pretty like money." "Is my daughter."
I imagine that all of the sentences will be said by my clan on our trip.

I will try to do better at keeping up friends and family.

Because you are so sweet to stick it out with me.  I will post EVERY DAY until May 28th.  That is the day we leave for Jamacia.  

May 9, 2011

Ryan's Has Chicks!

Because we don't have enough mouths to feed at our house.............. we purchased 24 chicks!  

Ryan is in FFA (Future Farmers of America) and needed to have a project.  So, the chicks are "the project".  We bought 24 because that seemed like a nice even number and I was SURE that not all would survive!!!  We haven't lost a single stinkin' chick people.  Since they are all girl chickens, we should have lots and lots and lots of eggs!  So start saving your cartons friends.  

I have been lovingly teasing Ryan about his chicks.  I say, "Ryan, your chicks are cute!......... Ryan, the chicks love you!.......... Ryan, you sure have lots of chicks!".  He thinks I'm a nerd!  He thinks it's not funny.

But I do!!!!!

May 4, 2011

Christmas 2005

I was working on digitally storing my photos today, when I came across this gem!  
We lived in our first Chillicothe house at that time.  It was Christmas morning and the boys just discovered that Santa came.  He brought a air hockey table that year.  We will never be able to fathom how he got that down the chimney!  

May 3, 2011

Sweet, Handsome, and Old Mr. T

T-bone is a good ole' boy.  He wouldn't hurt a fly.

He lives for treats........ and scratches behind the ears.

It scares me that he is getting up there in years.  
I notice that he doesn't move as quick (not that he was ever quick).
I notice grey hairs on his muzzle.
I notice that he is sore after laying down for a period of time.

Sniff....... sniff........
As much as I complain about his slobbers, I sure do love this old man.

May 2, 2011

Busy Life = Crazy Person!

Well, I'm a little behind folks!  I'm crazy, disturbingly, insanely busy (and I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel).  

Ian Michael has finished his track season.  That is something to check off, right?  

Emma Grace is done with soccer (probably for life according to her).  Another thing to check!

School is nearly over..... check!

However, in less than a month, they (meaning Ryan and Ian) will begin weightlifting.  

........ as long as I'm alive, weightlifting will be a strange word to me when it is connected to my children.
Weightlifting is a word for MEN!  
My boys will always be BOYS!
End of story!

Ryan will begin playing baseball with a "semi-local" team.  

Besides my children's very busy schedules, I am starting a 9 week photography class.  Actually, it started this very morning!  I am printing out the materials as I write to you.  
I have high expectations with this class.  The instructor is OVER THE MOON talented!  She is actually in my side bar.  Her name is Karen Russell.  I will use this blog to document my progress and keep you posted.  
So.... so.... so.... excited about this, guys!  

We have been doing a fair amount of home improvement.  I intend to share it with you soon.  

We are beginning to prepare for a family vacation to Jamacia.  I am chomping at the bit for this friends!  Like..... chomping hard enough to bite through a log chain!

I haven't scrapbooked or made a single thing with paper in over a month.  This maybe a record!!!  I want to get into my crafty room, but I'm running to and fro, and cannot make myself take the time to do it.  That is, without a huge heaping of guilt.  I'm to busy to be guilty.  So, I hop in the car and run to the nearest ball field.  That makes me feel better.  

I've been noticing things budding and blooming at Rocky Ridge Farm.  I love Spring!  Everything is new!  New is good!

I would love to find a gallon of these yummy gems!  Two of them are not enough to feed a family of five!  

This photo scares me a little.  This tree is within 100 yards of my back door.  I'm certain it is the home to a critter.  ENOUGH SAID!!!

I hope that you have a wonderful week.
I hope to be more consistent with my blog.
I hope to find more time to be creative.