May 9, 2011

Ryan's Has Chicks!

Because we don't have enough mouths to feed at our house.............. we purchased 24 chicks!  

Ryan is in FFA (Future Farmers of America) and needed to have a project.  So, the chicks are "the project".  We bought 24 because that seemed like a nice even number and I was SURE that not all would survive!!!  We haven't lost a single stinkin' chick people.  Since they are all girl chickens, we should have lots and lots and lots of eggs!  So start saving your cartons friends.  

I have been lovingly teasing Ryan about his chicks.  I say, "Ryan, your chicks are cute!......... Ryan, the chicks love you!.......... Ryan, you sure have lots of chicks!".  He thinks I'm a nerd!  He thinks it's not funny.

But I do!!!!!

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