May 25, 2011


Ian celebrated a birthday last week.  It crept on me, as most birthdays tend to do.  Whether mine or otherwise! This birthday was a bit more significant than the some though.  This birthday had a teen placed on the back of it.  AS IN thirTEEN!  You wanna know how that makes me feel?  Well, let me go put some wrinkle cream on and grab a few prunes....... then we will talk!

As far as teenagers go.......... Ian seems to be an easy one.  Granted he has only been a teen for less than 6 days.  But the past 6 days have resulted in no groundings, eye rolls, back talks, or sighs.  So, for that, I'm thankful.  I only have 2,184 days of teen days left with him......... not that I am counting.  

We are usually leaving for our family vacation around his birthday and this year is no exception.  So, as always, he will be having friends stay over immediately after our return.  I didn't want his day to go unnoticed however.  So Rick and I headed to town to purchase a cake, ice-cream and things to make a nice dinner for him.  While looking in Wal-mart's bakery dept (for a cake that didn't have Barbie or Disney Princess on it), we found this gem!!!!  This giant slab of sugery faux hamburger with a side of sweet faux french fries.  How stinking perfect!  Why was a hamburger cake with a side of fries perfect, you ask?  My answer, THIS IS IAN WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!  His heart beats faster at the sight of a juicy hamburger that fills his plate.  This is the same boy who orders hamburgers at Mexican restaurants.

Happy birthday Son!  Thank you for being an easy teenager these past 6 days.

I love you!

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