May 2, 2011

Busy Life = Crazy Person!

Well, I'm a little behind folks!  I'm crazy, disturbingly, insanely busy (and I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel).  

Ian Michael has finished his track season.  That is something to check off, right?  

Emma Grace is done with soccer (probably for life according to her).  Another thing to check!

School is nearly over..... check!

However, in less than a month, they (meaning Ryan and Ian) will begin weightlifting.  

........ as long as I'm alive, weightlifting will be a strange word to me when it is connected to my children.
Weightlifting is a word for MEN!  
My boys will always be BOYS!
End of story!

Ryan will begin playing baseball with a "semi-local" team.  

Besides my children's very busy schedules, I am starting a 9 week photography class.  Actually, it started this very morning!  I am printing out the materials as I write to you.  
I have high expectations with this class.  The instructor is OVER THE MOON talented!  She is actually in my side bar.  Her name is Karen Russell.  I will use this blog to document my progress and keep you posted.  
So.... so.... so.... excited about this, guys!  

We have been doing a fair amount of home improvement.  I intend to share it with you soon.  

We are beginning to prepare for a family vacation to Jamacia.  I am chomping at the bit for this friends!  Like..... chomping hard enough to bite through a log chain!

I haven't scrapbooked or made a single thing with paper in over a month.  This maybe a record!!!  I want to get into my crafty room, but I'm running to and fro, and cannot make myself take the time to do it.  That is, without a huge heaping of guilt.  I'm to busy to be guilty.  So, I hop in the car and run to the nearest ball field.  That makes me feel better.  

I've been noticing things budding and blooming at Rocky Ridge Farm.  I love Spring!  Everything is new!  New is good!

I would love to find a gallon of these yummy gems!  Two of them are not enough to feed a family of five!  

This photo scares me a little.  This tree is within 100 yards of my back door.  I'm certain it is the home to a critter.  ENOUGH SAID!!!

I hope that you have a wonderful week.
I hope to be more consistent with my blog.
I hope to find more time to be creative.

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  1. I can't wait to hear about your photography class! I am crazy busy right now too! Getting ready for a graduation party and sitting on bleachers at track meets and softball games. Fun times!