June 27, 2010

Snakes are demonic

We have a slight "snake problem". It is mostly MY problem since no one else seems to mind. Snakes are gross, creepy, and demonic creatures in my book!!!!

My son is a freak. He likes the beasts.
He likes them a little too well for my taste.
This is grossing me out looking at these pictures. I cannot type about this anymore.

Instead, I'm going to show you the pretty flowers my neighbor Renee brought me. She's a gem. She isn't gross and slimy and demonic. I love Renee. I don't love snakes.

Aren't they bee-u-tiful!!!!

June 23, 2010

Dog Bathing Basics

How to bathe a LARGE dog.
Step 1:
No need to put a stake in the ground and chain him to it, he can yank it out with a slight nudge. Even if you bribe them with treats.
Step 2:
They much prefer a pitcher of water than a hose (especially one that is set on JET)
Step 3:
Prepare to get wet!!!!!
Sloppy, sloppy wet!!!!!
Step 4:
Party dresses are the perfect attire.
Party dresses and no shoes.
Step 5:
Dogs are smart enough to realize you are trying to sneak up on them.
Step 6:
Pour the water on them very slowly or they will run!!!!

June 22, 2010

State Baseball and Mean Omlets

After months of cooking on a cracked cook-top, I'm FINALLY back in business. I've made eggs and pancakes, pasta with white sauce, mac & cheese. I love my new digs!!!! I'm so glad that I was patient because it was worth the wait!!
Ahhhh, this equals a Coach purse in my books.
I thought you might want to know before I moved on to the real post, that I can make you a mean omlet now. I'm just saying................
We headed out last Friday for Ryan's state baseball tournament.
(from top left to top right: Coach Rodney Clevenger, Grant Brady, Ryan Smith, Dominic Panarisi, James, Noah, Austin Hatch, Coach Tobey Ryne.
from bottom left to bottom right: Brice Pennington, Blake Clevenger, Joey Panella, Sean McCulloch, Alex Rivera, Nico Pike, Blake Youngdahl)
Our coaches Tobey and Rodney. Look closely, the heat has confused Rodney a bit. He is squeezing Tobey's butt.

The moms made all the boys buckets filled with fun stuff. The squirt guns were a huge hit!!!!
(from left to right: Sean, Ryan and Nico)
Several moms made posters to hang on the dug-outs. We had the cutest dug-out in the entire park!!!! (ahem, not because of the posters. hehe)

June 17, 2010

Heel to Toe

Before Gracie was born, I wondered what it would be like to have a little girl. I loved being a momma to two boys but it's only natural......... right? When I found out that she indeed was a girl, my heart fluttered! Her closet was filled with pink before she was even born. I bought her fancy hair bows and barrettes. Frilly outfits and matching socks and shoes.
The first time I saw her I noticed her long eye lashes and bright blue eyes.
Now she is eight years old. She will no longer wear big bows in her hair. She has become very independent. I noticed this towards the end of the school year when she asked if she could start picking out her clothes for school. Ugh, I guess. My thoughts were, "Oh my, this child hasn't a clue how to match her clothes." Well guess what, she didn't do that bad!!!

We were at a baseball tournament last weekend in Kansas City. We took Ryan and Ian into American Eagle and Hollister. Two stores that make me think..... teenager!!!! She asked if she could pick out an outfit. (sigh) I guess we can look. The above photos are the clothes that she picked. Once again, I'm pleasantly surprised!!! When she first put them on her hips were swaying and her arms swinging. The entire time, her eyes were planted on herself. Good thing there wasn't a pole in front of her. hehe!!! She was proud of her choice, proud that she is finally able to wear teen clothes, and proud that she felt so pretty.

So, we did a mini photo session.
Then Gus licked her leg.
She was really grossed out!!! REALLY, REALLY GROSSED OUT!
She couldn't take another picture until the dog slobber was OFF OF HER!!!!!!

Shortly after this we headed to the city again for baseball practice. She politely asked for a matching pair of shoes for her outfit. I felt my heart tugging. I remembered all those baby outfits with matching socks and shoes. Then I gulped, and agreed. "OK, you can have ANOTHER pair of shoes."
If you've ever wondered what kind of monster buying an infant 1,345,984 pink outfits would create, this is your answer.
My baby is now wearing high heels. She says that since she plays Fashion Designer on her DS, she now knows how to dress. And how to walk.

She gave me instructions. Heel to toe, heel to toe, heel to toe. That's how you walk in high heels (in case you ever wondered). I, myself, did not inherit the diva gene, so I don't wonder about those sorts of things. She also showed me how models stand. With one leg slightly bent. Like this..............

I love that she has scratches and bruises on her legs and high heels on her feet.

June 16, 2010

The Love of the Game

We are currently juggling 3 sports for 1 monkey right now. But I must admit, baseball is still my favorite. You just cannot beat the smack of a ball on the bat. The snap of the ball hitting the catcher's mitt. Or the cheer of the crowd when my boy has two outs, and he throws the last strike. I LOVE Baseball! Except when it's raining.
We did lots of waiting around last weekend. Rain delay after rain delay. On Saturday we didn't play our FIRST game until 9:45 P.M. Folks, that's crazy!!! But the time our second game was finished, it was 1:00 A.M..
My young man. (who towers over me and talks in a deep voice and seems to attract all the young ladies)
My two Blake's, Blake C.
and Blake Y.
The Northland Yankees is the cutest team in baseball. Hands down!!!!!!
With all the running, we have very little free time right now. So when we get a moment with no driving to practice, sitting in the car waiting, or washing uniforms, we take time to be together. This was Rick's idea. Bust out the 4-wheelers and go for a ride. Rick and I like to sandwich the kiddos. So, he takes up the front while I hold the rear!

While we were riding I found two cows in a very deep creek. When I drove over the bridge, they looked up at me. I continued driving however, it nagged at me. I began thinking, "Those cows are stuck in that creek!", "What if no one knows they are there and they die of starvation?" then, "Should I find out whose cows those are?" So on the way back I made everyone stop and look with me. (that way I wouldn't be carrying all the guilt on my shoulders) They were gone!!! I don't know how the beasts got out? Nonetheless, they did.

Moral of the story: Mandy thinks of too many things to worry about!!!

Now that I have tortured you with loads of nothing-ness. I thought I would leave you with pretty roses. Roses from my garden. Roses that the pesky bugs keep biting the tops off of. Arrrg!!

I know this isn't a rose. It is an alien. Doesn't it look like an alien to you? I have an overactive imagination.