May 30, 2010

Saving the Critters (some of them)

I thought you might like to play a game called: NAME THAT CREATURE
Good luck cause I sure can't. I've googled everything I can think of and I come up with nothing. I've tried Florida crabs, Gulf of Mexico crabs, Gulf of Mexico Marine Life. Noffin!!!!!
So if any of you are willing to put me out of my misery, comment below.
We saved the little guy from a certain death.
The fowl of the beach were gathered around him, ready to pounce. I ran towards them, made a caw-caw noise and they scattered. So did all the elderly folks who were strolling the beach.
It really isn't noble to save a creatures life if you are going to torture it for the next 30 minutes, is it?
Especially at the hand of my merciless boys.
While Ian was burying himself in sand....................
Ryan was fishing.
Rick called it "bait fish"
Ryan called it "his tropy fish"
Lizards galore!!!!!!!!!!!! Crawling, creeping, stalking me!!!!!!!!!!!
I turned my head to the right......... LIZARDS!!
Then to the left.............. MORE LIZARDS!!!!!!!!!!!
The final straw was when I looked up.............. KILL THE LIZARDS!!!!!!!!!
It's a new cause I'm launching. Do you think the tree hungers will join?
When we let this particular lizard go, he didn't move. Ian stomped next to him. Still, no movement.
At first I thought maybe he wasn't the brightest bulb in the pack. Then Ian confessed he had to throw a rock at him to catch it. Somewhere, deep inside, I wanted to feel bad for the lizard.
I told Ian not to do that again. Then I turned my back and pumped my fist.
One lizard down, 5,678,902,456,123 to go.
Ryan had the brilliant idea to bury himself. I'm assuming that he thought this would make a great photo op. for momma.
The plan backfired.
He got stuck.
He begged for me to help him.
I wouldn't have been able to sleep at night knowing that I didn't get a picture first.
So, I leisurely strolled over to loungers to grab the camera. A nice lady and her husband struck up a conversation. She says, "Do you live around here"? I said, "No, we're just visiting". She said, "Do you know if any of these houses are for lease"? Blah, blah, blah!!!!
I forgot that my son was stuck in the sand.
I got an ear full, believe me!!!!
Rick is shark tooth hunting. I will post more about this on another day.

The kids are "saving" more crabs!!!!
Then they want to see if they are buoyant. Looks like Ryan ISN'T!!!
This is the back of our beach house. Our home for the week.
A humble abode with rock-hard beds.
I have never in my life wanted my own bed so bad!!!!

Flying to the 80's

The boys wanted to go parasailing.
OK, I'm willing to be the cool mom of the day.
I'll pay $80.00 a piece for 15 minutes in the air.
Then I'll pay $20.00 for myself to ride in the boat with you guys.
Then I'll give the drivers of the boat $10.00 tip each.
All because I love you.
No guilt there........... promise ♡☺
This was both of the boys first time parasailing.
I love that they were smiling. That made whatever Rick and I spent worth the price.

This guy was a classic Florida guy, he was one of our drivers. You could tell he had a wild streak. The other guy was in his 50's but clearly thought he was 30. He cranked up the radio to 80's music and did back flips off the boat occasionally. Weirdie!
I was a little concerned when they were strapping Ryan and Ian in to go up and "Blaze of Glory" came on the radio. You know, the ole' Bon Jovi classic. If you were rockin' in the 80's like me, you know the words, hence, you know my concern.

While the boys were up they saw a manatee and dolphin. They said the manatee was five feet from a man who had no idea of his neighbor. The boys tried to tell him but he looked at them like they were crazy. He was probably thinking, "What mother in her right mind would let her children do that"?

Good times by all.

May 26, 2010

Chill-ax-in in Florida

I'm in Florida and I may never come back.

Ohhhh, I'm just kidding.

We have had a nice time. I think that we are all a little worn out from all the swimming. I've soaked in enough salt water to preserve me for life. Maybe it can stop my skin from sagging and wrinkling.
We are in a retirement town and we're the youngest people by 30 years on the beach. Let's just say that I've been thinking alot about sagging and wrinkling. I've also noticed that these older folks don't really care.

Have you ever seen a 80 year old man in a Speedo?

I saw several...................... TODAY!!!!!!!!

I still have some swelling on my face from trying to claw my eyes out.

One particular man not only sports a Speedo (that you can barely see over his beer belly) he finds it strangely comfortable to fold his hands and place them over his head.

The first time he walked by Gracie bluntly (and loudly) pointed out "MOM, LOOK AT THAT MAN, EWWWW GROSSS!)

Anyway, my self-esteem has been boosted a little this week.

Yesterday we hired a guide with a boat.
Our goal:
1. to see a manatee
2. to see dolphins
3. to find shells, creatures, etc.

Welp, no manatees. But we saw loads of dolphins and birds. We even found some amazing shells.
Our guide let Gracie drive the boat!!!! When I get home, I will upload the photos.

Tomorrow the boys are going parasailing tomorrow. I'm not sure how to feel about that? They are excited. Momma.................. not so much. I went last summer while in Puerta Vallarta. I thought it was liberating!!!!! Thrilling!!!!! Breath taking!!!!!

There are oodles and oodles of preserved shark teeth at our beach. As a matter of fact Venice beach is the "Shark Tooth Capital of the World". Rick counted our teeth this afternoon, we have 450+.

I'm not a rocket scientist but........................... if there are shark TEETH, then there must be sharks. Right?????

OK, let's not think about that.

I promise loads of photos when I return.

I promise not to share photos of old men in Speedo's.

May 22, 2010

Gracie's Show-n-Tell

It was pet day at school.

We have a couple to choose from. Ahem!!!! (too many to choose from)

I was certain Gracie would want to bring Gus. Because, well........... , he's Gus.

But no, she wanted to bring the carrot eater.
The getting-fatter-by-the-minute, carrot eater.

I enjoyed listening to Gracie explain to the class how sad Cookie was all the time. "She misses Nibbles", she said.

She also told the class, "Cookie only likes Healthy bits. If you give her Carrot Crunchies and Healthy Bits, she won't eat the Carrot Crunchies."
Mrs. Scott asked how Gracie decided on a bunny for a pet. Gracie explained to her that it wasn't really her choice. The Easter Bunny brought her bunnies.

Before we left, Gracie took Cookie out of the cage and held her so her friends could see.
I have a secret............ The bunny is kinda growing on me.

May 21, 2010

Turning 40 into 11

I'm not a think-ahead-sort-of person. I usually have great ideas AFTER the event. My family and friends are nodding their heads up and down!!!!
So, the other day was Ian's birthday. He wanted me to bring pizzas to school for him and his friends.

I did. (note to self for next time: 2 large pizzas isn't enough!!!! 20 large pizzas probably wouldn't have been enough)

So I was leaving the middle school. Feeling a little proud of myself for accomplishing "The Mom of the Day Award". When a thought occurred to me. THE CAKE!!! Oh my word, I didn't remember the cake!!!! I made a mad dash to Wal-mart to scour their bakery department.

Hummm...... all I see is Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Bob the Builder and some "Grandma-ish" rose petal cakes. I keep searching.

Iron Man?

That may be as close to pre-teen that I can get. I grab it off the shelves and bring it home. (paying for it first, of course)

Then when we start preparing for the "cake ceremonies" (a.k.a. lighting candles, singing badly, and devouring), I remembered that I had no candles. Ugh!!!! We cannot have a birthday cake without candles!
LIGHT-BULB MOMENT!!!!! Rick's 40th birthday candles that we never used. Yup, that will work. At least we can MAKE it work.

Ian begins to protest. In a whiny pre-teen voice, "Mom, I don't want 40th birthday candles on my cake, that's weird!!!!!!"

ANOTHER LIGHTBULB MOMENT!!!!!! We will cut the candles to make 11.

Feeling a little like "The Little Engine That Could", I hand the candles to Ryan to start the chomping process. We are turning the 4 and the 0 into 1's.
Chomp, chomp.

More chomping!!!!
Ahhhh, an 11.

Then Ian pipes up and says, "MOM, I'M 12!!!!!" Opps!!!
He decides that 11 is better than 40, and blows them out anyway!!!!!.
NOW IT'S PRESENT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daddy is telling him over and over again NOT to open his eyes.
Dad doesn't trust him not to close his eyes, so he does it for him.
Then Dad starts making "loser" and "rabbit ears" signs behind Ian's head.
Dad gets caught!!!!!
Gracie bought Ian a nerf baseball bat and ball. Sweet. Yet another thing to run over with the lawn mower.
We pause to say hello to Bat-dog.
Gus loves presents. LOVE, LOVE, LOVES presents!!!!!
I put Ian's present in a different box. Tape it up with the stickiest stuff you have ever seen.
Then wind it up in a couple hundred feet of Saran wrap.
And about 50 feet of tin foil.
He finally gets to the gift. A Nook and a Nook cover. It's da bomb!!!!!

I'll take a Nook too please!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Ian Michael!!!!! You're da bomb too!!!!!

May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Ian!!!

On this day, 12 years ago, Ian Michael was born.
How in the world could 12 years slip by me so fast?
I notice how good you are to your brother and sister.
I notice how you appreciate the things you have. You are ALWAYS the first to thank Dad and I for doing something special for you. That means so much to me. It helps me to remember what a loving and kind boy you are.
I notice how much you have matured over the last year.
I enjoy when you laugh. Your whole face lights up.
I enjoy knowing that you are bashful around most people but you are completely comfortable at home.
I enjoy watching you play football and basketball. I'm sure that someday you are going to be a high school football star. I look forward to watching all those games!!!!!!!
I'm proud that you haven't had a single B on your report card this year. I'm not even sure you have had an A-.
I'm proud that you finish at least one novel every week. You will read anything and everything that you can get your hands on. That is so awesome, E-man!!
I'm proud that you're personality is so much like your Dad's. You are very driven and that will take you so far.
I cherish our movie nights with popcorn and pop.
I cherish the hugs that you give me. I know that your not a hugger, so when I get one, It makes my day.
I cherish all the conversations we have. When we are alone in the car, we talk up a storm. I enjoy when I feel like I'm learning more about you.
I pray that you always understand God's presence in your life. My greatest wish is that you live your life for Him.
I pray that you use the gifts that God has given you.
I pray that you always know how much I love you. I truly enjoy being you mom.
I love you more than sunshine, Diet Coke, the beach, bulldogs, cheesecake, Bravo, scrapbooking, music, Narnia, make-up, and sleeping!!!!!.

Happy Birthday Napoleon!!!!