May 30, 2010

Flying to the 80's

The boys wanted to go parasailing.
OK, I'm willing to be the cool mom of the day.
I'll pay $80.00 a piece for 15 minutes in the air.
Then I'll pay $20.00 for myself to ride in the boat with you guys.
Then I'll give the drivers of the boat $10.00 tip each.
All because I love you.
No guilt there........... promise ♡☺
This was both of the boys first time parasailing.
I love that they were smiling. That made whatever Rick and I spent worth the price.

This guy was a classic Florida guy, he was one of our drivers. You could tell he had a wild streak. The other guy was in his 50's but clearly thought he was 30. He cranked up the radio to 80's music and did back flips off the boat occasionally. Weirdie!
I was a little concerned when they were strapping Ryan and Ian in to go up and "Blaze of Glory" came on the radio. You know, the ole' Bon Jovi classic. If you were rockin' in the 80's like me, you know the words, hence, you know my concern.

While the boys were up they saw a manatee and dolphin. They said the manatee was five feet from a man who had no idea of his neighbor. The boys tried to tell him but he looked at them like they were crazy. He was probably thinking, "What mother in her right mind would let her children do that"?

Good times by all.

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