May 4, 2010

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (part II)

Our trip started at XO nails. Pedi's to start the vacation. O YEAH!!!!! We COULDN'T have gone to FL with ugly nails. NO WAY!!!!!!

I sorta "check-out" when I'm getting a pedi. I turn on the massaging chair and I enter Space-Cadet world.
Then we went to Chase Hotel for our first night of slumber. As you can see, we got plenty of rest................. NOT!!!!
I brought these silly masks for each of the girls. We were trying to set the timer on the camera, then I would hop into bed. Well the silly thing kept snapping the picture before I could get under the covers.
Below is a few of the out-takes.................

What in the world am I doing to Jane?
A little wink from Dana
Wednesday morning we were FINALLY on our plane. After months and months of waiting, we are airborne!!!!! (This was Pam's first flight, she was praying for us all. BREATHING AND PRAYING!!!!!) After the inital shock, all went very well.

Here are more photos of the natural beach. Beautiful...... beautiful...... beautiful. (the ladies, I mean)

We had a little trouble controlling Dana. Every time we turned around she was grabbing another Corona. This would explain some of her dance moves at the "Blue Martini". All I can say is......... YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

(the part about the Corona may or may not have been slightly exaggerated..........)

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