May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Ian!!!

On this day, 12 years ago, Ian Michael was born.
How in the world could 12 years slip by me so fast?
I notice how good you are to your brother and sister.
I notice how you appreciate the things you have. You are ALWAYS the first to thank Dad and I for doing something special for you. That means so much to me. It helps me to remember what a loving and kind boy you are.
I notice how much you have matured over the last year.
I enjoy when you laugh. Your whole face lights up.
I enjoy knowing that you are bashful around most people but you are completely comfortable at home.
I enjoy watching you play football and basketball. I'm sure that someday you are going to be a high school football star. I look forward to watching all those games!!!!!!!
I'm proud that you haven't had a single B on your report card this year. I'm not even sure you have had an A-.
I'm proud that you finish at least one novel every week. You will read anything and everything that you can get your hands on. That is so awesome, E-man!!
I'm proud that you're personality is so much like your Dad's. You are very driven and that will take you so far.
I cherish our movie nights with popcorn and pop.
I cherish the hugs that you give me. I know that your not a hugger, so when I get one, It makes my day.
I cherish all the conversations we have. When we are alone in the car, we talk up a storm. I enjoy when I feel like I'm learning more about you.
I pray that you always understand God's presence in your life. My greatest wish is that you live your life for Him.
I pray that you use the gifts that God has given you.
I pray that you always know how much I love you. I truly enjoy being you mom.
I love you more than sunshine, Diet Coke, the beach, bulldogs, cheesecake, Bravo, scrapbooking, music, Narnia, make-up, and sleeping!!!!!.

Happy Birthday Napoleon!!!!

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