May 2, 2010

Fort Lauderdale, FL (Part I)

We are back from a relaxing, CALMING, and beautiful trip. I already miss the waves and roar of them hitting the beach.

I'm going to show the pictures a little at a time. Mostly because it takes so long to upload, but also because I want to spread it out some. Maybe the pictures will make me feel like I'm still there?

My days are somewhat mixed up, but I believe that we drove past Miami to the Keys on Friday. There was a lighthouse there that I thought was stunning. It was a "natural beach". Lots of sea-weed. Normally I avoid sea-weed but Dana and I were grabbing it like they was jewelry. I even plopped some on my head once as a wig. It isn't slimy at all. It almost feels like nylon rope.
The current was very swift on this day. Dana and I were trying to swim to a certain buoy, but we ended up going sideways instead.

We went to the Blue Martini Friday night. We ended up dancing till our toes were sore. It was such a fun night.
Saturday we rented a deck boat and trolled around the bay. We saw unbelievable homes. No.....really...... unbelievable!!!!!!! Huge and beautiful.
We also passed this large fella while going under a bridge.
Feather was the Captain. I would probably still be trying to find my way out if I had been driving.
It was Italian food night. Pam had the best eggplant Parmesan that I have ever tasted.
Dana and I are both lefties, so we are dinner buddies.

The ocean is so peaceful. I just have trouble wrapping my brain around it.

What I wouldn't give to stick my toes back in that water. Ahhhhhh!

While we were souvenir shopping, a monkey jumped on Jane. He really, really, really wanted to come home with her. But she said no!!!!

Part II of Fort Lauderdale, FL pictures coming tomorrow.

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