May 5, 2010

My Monarch Butterfly

Ohhh friends..........
I'm having trouble getting my MOJO this morning. My brain just doesn't want to work yet. I think that a double dose of "natural" vitamin D (aka- SUN) might do the trick. There is something about sunshine that puts an extra spring in my step.

I am chomping at the bit to get my new garden planted. I've bought seeds and plants galore. I'm thinking of canned tomatoes, salsa, beans and potatoes. Oh have mercy on me. My taste buds are throbbing right now. The ground is still a bit wet though. I have been tilling it three times a day to get it dried out. I get excited every time I turn the dirt and I see BLACK!!! Usually the dirt at our house is RED!!!!!

Sooooo, until I have fresh garden produce to show you, you get to see flowers. Here is the latest eye candy blooming in the flower beds.

These clematis' are HUGE. Notice my hand in the background. That will give you an idea of their size. By the way, I DID NOT notice the spider while taking this photo! Oh my! Spiders are NOT my friends!!!!
Now onto the real reason for this post.
Gracie had a Spring play on Tuesday night. It was bug themed and she was a monarch butterfly. There were bugs of all types. Fireflies, bumblebees, ladybugs, ants, TICKS, and there was even a maggot. (ewwww) I thought that it was the best school play that I have ever seen. They all did so well.
I wanted to capture a few pictures of Gracie in good light.
Isn't she a beautiful butterfly?
She had a speaking part. I think that she did a spectacular job!!!!!
The next morning she woke up and looked like this....................
Yup, pink eye. Looks like her and I are going to have some one-on-one time this week.

She wasn't too excited about helping me cook in the church kitchen yesterday morning.
However, she didn't complain about the oreos or..............
the fruit kabobs.
And lastly......
I thought you might enjoy this simple cupcake idea. I made these yesterday at church and they are easy peasy. You cut mini marshmallows at a diagonal to make petals. I takes five petals to make a flower. Then you cut a marshmallow in half for the center. Aren't they Spring-ee? If you wanted to get extra fancy, you could brush the tip of the petals in egg wash and sprinkle colored sugar on them. We didn't have the time for that yesterday, but the Type A in me wanted to.

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