May 7, 2010

I need a jury

I'm not sure who to blame for the below photos. Let me explain.......................

While watering my flowers this morning (and letting Gus go pee), a little ruckus broke out. Congo peeked his head out of my bedroom window, the dogs saw him, and it was "ON".

I could blame Congo because he didn't back down. He knew the window wasn't open far enough for my big-headed dogs to fit through. He also was meowing and carrying on. Almost taunting them............ daring them to get him.
I could blame Gus because he is a big bully. He is constantly torturing Congo!!!!! He'll show his teeth, bark, and chase the poor kitty till he goes somewhere Gus can't reach. Which is pretty much anything above couch level. Gus knows that Congo has only one fear in life and that is GUS!!!! Gus uses this to his advantage every chance he can.
I could blame T-bone but I don't think I will. You see, T is really only good at two things......
1. slobbering
2. sleeping
Anything else requires way too much energy. The only trouble T ever gets into ALWAYS involves Gus.

T-bone is Wally Cleaver
and Gus is Eddie Haskel.

Or I could blame myself for saying. "Get em' Gus!", "Who is at my window Gus?", "Protect me Gus!"

I sorta like watching him getting worked up. It makes me belly laugh!!!! His hair stands up on his back. He growls like Chewbacka. Then he looks at me and I imagine he is saying to me, "Look at me mom, I'm tough...... right?"
Then Congo wised up and left. I feel like I owe him an apology......... nah!

I'm slamming the gavel on the desk and voting.................... me............ the instigator.

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