July 30, 2009


One of my mommy motto's is...... NO BLOOD, NO BAND-AID!!! I made up this motto because I have three children who love band-aids! It doesn't help that I purchase the ones printed with "Hello Kitty", "Spongebob Squarepants", "Barbie", and "Snoopy". I guess, now that I think about it, this is ALL MY FAULT! That just now occurred to me. If I had bought the flesh colored boring band-aids with the antibiotic center, I wouldn't even be writing this post.

Well, anyway, back to the story.
Gracie flings herself in through the back door. Plops into the couch. Sobbing. These are the big ole' tears, not the wee little ones. This is some serious drama! She wanted everyone in our house to know....... she was VERY upset.

So, like any mother would do, I sat down beside her and asked...... "What's the matter, Gracie?" She said, while maintaining a scrunched up look on her face, I have a b00-b00. After further questioning I found out this happened on her bike. Something about missing the petal and the wheel. (I'm shrugging my shoulders)

Gracie then told me that there was blood. So she needed a band-aid. Indeed there was blood. Since that is the rule, and I usually obey rules, I went for the b00-b00 kit.

This is a picture of the boo-boo. Terrible, huh?

So, I doctored it like only a mom could. (or maybe a grandma)

This is the "owie stuff". I always use the "owie stuff" thinking maybe this will deter them next time from wanting a band-aid. Nope. It doesn't.

This is the scrunched-up face that I told you about. Jesus must have done a miraculous healing on her. After we stuck that Snoopy band-aid on her foot, she started smiling. Wowser!!!

Hole In The Wall

I love my boys. I love my boys. I love my boys.
I had to repeat this over and over to myself yesterday. Especially after they told me they knocked a hole in the wall. A perfect little circle. Approximately the size of a half dollar.
How did this happen....... you ask? Baseball. Those beloved boys of mine were playing baseball in the house. EEEEKKKKK!!!!
I knew something was wrong when I heard Ian bawling and Ryan trying to comfort him. You see, this usually only happens when Ryan has done something that he knows he is going to get in trouble for, and doesn't want to arouse attention from "the momma". Then I heard Ryan say, "Ian, it was an accident, I will tell mom." My heart sunk. I knew that something was on fire or they poured bleach on the carpet. It's one of those mommy things. You just know. Ian was bright red and trying to catch his breath and Ryan was the diplomat. Very calmly and softly explained that although it was very small and hardly noticeable, there was a teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy hole in the wall. He also told me that he realized they shouldn't be playing baseball in the house. Very smooth, Ryan, very smooth!! So, the punishment is. They have to fix it themselves. (with Dad's supervision, of course). The second part of the punishment, they had to call "the Daddy" and tell him. Ryan said, "Ian, would you like me to talk first, or would you?". Ian said, "I wouldn't like to talk to him at all!!!!!".
One of these days, this will be funny!!!!

July 29, 2009

Beauty gone bad

Remember these beauties?

They now look like this........

Our mission trip was not good for the poor flowers. May I be frank? I could care less. I'm thrilled that they didn't croak before the first of July. You see, I usually get visions of grandeur in April. I dream of lush gardens that resemble the Queen of England's. I purchase a gazillion dollars worth of plants. I dream of what each and every one will look like in July. Then July comes and I'm tired of watering. A vacation or trip (with little planning on my part) usually has them droopy and sick looking. Then I think, "This isn't the garden that I dreamed of", and I realize it's not going to happen. Do you know the solution to this problem? Buy mums!!!!!

I am beginning my planning for our trip to Meh-hee-ko! I made a list this morning and I don't mind sharing it with you. (not that it matters any to you. Wait.....maybe you will see how much I have to do and feel sorry for me. Then you will come over {with a crew of five or six} and do it for me. Just in case that happens, I will put a few extra things on it. I wouldn't want you to run out of things to do. :)

1. Get new door paint.
I purchased two gallons of the wrong color paint. arrrgghhh!!!

2. Paint doors again.
Because I painted them with the two gallons of the wrong color. arrrrggghh!

3. Mop floors.
Not sure why this is on my list because I have to do it every day.

4. Clean litter box.

5. Weed eat.
I plan on making my teenager do this one.

6. Pull weeds in garden.
I plan on making my 11 year old do this one.

7. Spread mulch.
I plan on making t-bone do this one.

8. Give Rick's dad a hair cut.
This requires me driving to Laclede. I'm such a good daughter-in-law.

9. In case I find extra time on my hands, I will paint garage. Doubtful:(

10. And if I get highly ambitious...I will make this. Please click on it, you won't be disappointed.

July 26, 2009

Passing On The Gift

Middle School Mission Trip 2009

1obsolete : the act or an instance of sending2 a: a ministry commissioned by a religious organization to propagate its faith or carry on humanitarian work b: assignment to or work in a field of missionary enterprise c (1): a mission establishment (2): a local church or parish dependent on a larger religious organization for direction or financial support dplural : organized missionary work e: a course of sermons and services given to convert the unchurched or quicken Christian faith3: a body of persons sent to perform a service or carry on an activity: as a: a group sent to a foreign country to conduct diplomatic or political negotiations b: a permanent embassy or legation c: a team of specialists or cultural leaders sent to a foreign country4 a: a specific task with which a person or a group is charged b (1): a definite military, naval, or aerospace task mission> mission> (2): a flight operation of an aircraft or spacecraft in the performance of a mission mission to Mars> c: a preestablished and often self-imposed objective or purpose mission>5: calling, vocation

If I had to summarize what I learned at Heifer International this week. It was that I am not powerless. My time, knowledge and money is power.
I'm not going to be able to write everything we did. Our week was jam packed.
Our first day, we stopped in Marionville, MO. Ozark Methodist Manor was the official destination. We learned about the Manor and ate dinner with the residents. After supper, we divided into groups to do certain tasks. Our group's task was to clean wheelchairs.
After our time there, we drove to Branson, MO. Our hotel had a pizza place and indoor water park. The kids let loose and had a nice time.

Early the next morning, we packed up and headed to our next stop. Heifer Ranch in Perryville, AR. We spend three nights there. The first and final night were in the Heifer Hilton. Which, is supposed to be funny, I think? It was a barn, divided down the middle, with no sides. The bulls got one side and the heifers got the other.
In this picture, we are preparing our bunks.

The second night we stayed in the global village. This represented people living in poverty around the world. My group stayed in Thailand. Three other groups stayed in Zambia, Urban Slums and Guatemala.
During our time in the global village, we were taught the daily struggles people in poverty face every day to feed their family a meager meal. We were given little to eat. (rice, raw vegetables, and eggs) We had to build our own fire with limited matches. Then sleep in less than adequate housing.
Instead of giving the hungry food, they give them an animal. This animal can give them milk, manure (for fertilizing gardens), offspring (the first offspring has to be given to another person in the village), eggs, wool, draft power and money.
This water buffalo on the ranch represents draft power, milk and manure.
Goats provide milk and money.
This great pyrenes was a guard dog for the goats and sheep on the ranch.
To further educate our group. We did low and high challenges. This was to teach us a sense of community and working together.
Below are two of our adult leaders trying to accomplish a fun task.
During our low challenge, our group had to walk a rope with the help of others. It took everyone listening, paying attention, and working together.
Ryan and Denver during our low challenge.
When we went into the global village
In every group there was a "pregnant mother". This was funny to the kids. In reality though, many face this dilemma. "Do I feed my starving 7 year old or myself, so my unborn baby is nourished." The "baby" was actually a water balloon. If the balloon popped, the group had to mourn for 30 minutes in silence.
In Thailand they build their houses in the air. This is to protect them from flood rains and pests. To utilize space and labor, they build animal cages underneath. These were the guests staying below us. Lots of honking in the night. :)
This was Thailand. I felt blessed to have this housing. It was one of the best. We didn't have mattresses but we were safe from critters. The four groups united to prepare our meal. We had a mushy potato and el dente carrot stew, rice, and "sawdust" cornbread.
After our night, we had to chore. We let out the chickens, gathered eggs, fed the rabbits, goats, walked the goats, carried water buckets to the gardens and cleaned our squatty potty ( I'll explain soon).
All toilets in the global village were composting toilets. This meant that after using the restroom, you had to put a handful of sawdust in afterwards. This helped break down the waste. They use this by-product for fertilization. EWWWW!!!
This was Ryan on the high challenge. Again, it was a team building exercise.
The rock wall
Our leaders, Melissa and Becca
While staying in the Heifer Hilton, we ate in the cafeteria. All meals were provided from the farm. Meat, vegetables, ect.
The horses respresented draft power on the ranch.
Our last morning, I took a little walk and captured a picture of their greenhouses. This is where all the seedlings (herbs and vegetables) are started.
Our group at a "pitstop" in Arkansas.

This was the indoor waterpark that we enjoyed the first night.
I learned during this trip, that I am blessed. I don't have to decide if I'm going to buy medicine for my family with Malaria, or feed them. My hardest decision in a day might be choosing what I'm going to cook for my children instead of how I'm going to feed them.

In closing, I encourage you to watch Geoffrey's story. Click on the link.

July 20, 2009

I will be leaving bright and early for Ryan's middle school mission trip. Our destination, Heiffer Ranch in Perryville, AR. I won't be back until late Saturday so I thought I would leave you with a short post. Just to tide ya' all over.

Here are todays P.O.T.D's.

Rick and my children play a game called 21 almost every night. Don't ask, I have no idea about the rules or the object. I do know that sometimes things go well and sometimes it ends in a fight. Which is a huge irritation to me. BOYS!!!!! Yet they always play again the next night. Tonight, Cameron and Carter and spending the night (since we have to be at church at 5:45 in the morning. ), so they are dragging them into their lair. I only stayed outside long enough to snap a couple pics. I'm sure they are out there fighting. I would bet money!!!!!

Gotta love them.

Hottie hubs, Ryan, Carter, and Cameron
Ry and Carter

Have a great week:)

Things I've Learned

I am fast approaching my 34th birthday. (scream) As a child, I never understood why people made such a big deal of growing old. I felt that way because I was a child. Growing old seemed so distant to me. When I was younger there was a TV show called "Thirty Something". I remember thinking, "30 is old". It was probably more like this....."OH....MY.....G__, gag me with a spoon, 30 is like, sooooo old". The topics of the show were irrelevant to me. I didn't find the humor in it.

Well, here I am. In my 30's. For the most part....I love it. I love being a parent, being married........ I enjoy my life. I do, although, have an underlining fear of getting wrinkly, saggy, and hard-of-hearing. Not long ago, I plucked my first grey hair out of my head. I was so appalled by it that I taped it to the fridge. I'm not sure why. I guess it was to be a reminder to myself that soon my whole head would be that color. You couldn't see the hair because we have a stainless steel fridge. One day I looked for the "grey hair" and it was gone. Rick thought someone had stuck a piece of tape on the fridge and threw it away. (he didn't see the hair) Not that it should have mattered. Why would ANYONE TAPE THIER HAIR TO THE FRIDGE!!! I am such a freak!!! Boy-oh-boy was I upset about that one. I could have at least scrapbooked it Rick!!!
I'm noticing more smile lines around the eyes and dark spots on my arms from the sun. I notice that things hurt that didn't used to hurt. For instance, the knees. When did that happen? I creak and pop in the mornings. I tire easily. OH MY GOODNESS, I'M FALLING APART!!!!

On a more serious note, I've written a list of things that I have learned. Some things, I've learned the hard way. Some things just fell into my lap. Maybe in 34 more years (hopefully), I can write another list of things I've learned. Then compare them. Wouldn't that be interesting?

I’ve learned that no one has a perfect life, even if they make it seem so.

I’ve learned that you can have many acquaintances and few friends.

I’ve learned that my most beautiful moments were the births of my children.

I’ve learned that everything is not always black and white.

I’ve learned that you should judge with the same measure that you want to be judged.

I’ve learned that people will disappoint you but God NEVER will.

I’ve learned that it is painful to lose someone you love but it was worth it to love.

I’ve learned that it is easier to trust someone the first time than it is the second.

I’ve learned that gaining weight is much easier than losing it.

I’ve learned that being a parent means that you can’t always be their friend.

I’ve learned that I have more patience with my own children than other’s children.

I’ve learned marriage isn’t always easy but Rick is by far, my greatest friend.

I’ve learned that prayer is always worthwhile.

I've learned that if you do too many projects, you won't do any of them well.

I've learned that if you work hard for it, you appreciate it more.

I've learned that no one else is normal but you, and everyone else thinks that too.

July 16, 2009


SOOOOOO..... I'm in the mood to challenge myself a little. I've been blog-surfing this evening. Before you decide to attempt this, remember you may need set aside your ENTIRE evening. Tell the kids to eat cereal for dinner. Don't answer the door or your phone.
Anywhoo, I came upon a blog that I have bookmarked, but not added to the list of "blogs I follow". I love her creativity, however, most of her designs are digital. Frankly, I'm just not there yet. I love getting my fingers stained with ink and sticky from adhesives. Her name is Becky Higgins, she had a FAB idea!!!!! It's called P.O.T.D.
For some crazy reason, I believe it is my responsibility to be the historian of the family. I keep my busy, chicken-scratched, cluttered calendars year after year, I scrapbook, I blog, I save, record, journal, document every last breath that this family takes. To further this maddness, I will take it one step further with a Picture Of The Day. "What does this mean?", you say. It means, dear one, that I am going to be taking one picture a day of something that I wouldn't normally take. For instance, my picture for today will be Gracie sleeping in my bed. (because that is what she does everytime Rick works in the E.R. overnight.) This is something that I might forget in 20 years. I know the idea of me forgetting something seems highly unlikely ;) (wink ;)) Along with the picture, I will tell a short story. This will explain more than the obvious in the photo. Other picture ideas might be the cover of the book you are reading at that time (who is your fav. character, list things that you learned from it), your favorite restaurant (what do you normally order {take a picture of your plate, the decor}, newly painted toenails, a mess that the kids left in the kitchen..... you get the idea).
All sarcasm aside, I've always felt that taking pictures is like capturing little moments in time. Moments that cannot be rewinded or changed. When you snap a picture of your children, you are creating a mini time capsule that will be enjoyed for generations and generations. I am VERY passionate about this, can ya tell? Besides that, anyone can take a picture. You don't have to be super-de-duper talented. Or artistic. Just snap...snap....snap. Easy peasy.

When Rick is on call in the E.R. it sure seems empty in our king size bed. That is why Gracie
sleeps with me. She usually crashes within minutes and doesn't move much at night. Sometimes
I read her books or she reads them to me, sometimes we watch a little Spongebob, and sometimes
we just crash!!!!

I snapped this picture just one day before they flew the coup.  They still had fuzzies on the top of their heads.  Awww (sigh with smiles)  I love animals.  

Ryan finished his last summer 09 game last night.  Baseball is such a great sport, it is bittersweet for me that it is over.  I am sure going to enjoy the extra time that it took from us!!!!  

Short and sweet today.  I have loads of work to do.  


July 15, 2009

MU pitching camp for Ryan

This may be the last time Ryan takes the mound for the 09 season.  Depends on how we do in districts.
Since we are in Concordia, MO and that is where Aunt Melinda and Uncle Joe live, they are able to come to your games.  Aunt Melinda is in blue.  Grandma Janice is in red beside her.  Then of course, our scorekeeper and my children's second momma, Nancy Mitchell.   Our team usually fills the bleachers with parents, grandparents and friends.  I love how many new people we have met through this.
This game was so hot.  When we left the house it was 78 degrees.  When we got to Concordia, it was 90 degrees.  
Rick made a purchase last week.  We found a 700 Polaris 4 x 4.  It doesn't look like it in this picture, but this thing is a beast.  Our next biggest 4-wheeler is a 400.  We thought it was big.  This one dwarfs it.  They do make bigger ones, but this is really all we needed.  We found it used on craigslist.  (right here in Chillicothe)
This is the Kodiac.  Ryan tied a pillow on the back so it doesn't hurt the bum as bad.  
Ian, looking thrilled, is the caboose.
We bought the materials for Gracie's playhouse over 6 months ago.  We are just now finding time to put it together.  I have BIG ideas for this when it's done.  Window boxes, a small table and chair, pictures.  It will be the girliest of all girl places!!!!
This has been quite a team effort.  Ian, Rick, and Ryan have done all the work so far.  Gracie has done a little supervising (as noted in this picture).  
I'm so glad that Rick is doing this for Gracie.  Rick also built my scrapbook room.  I often think about how much work he put into it.  Without thinking an ounce of himself and knowing that he wouldn't get a bit of good out of it.  Thanks hunny!!!

Gracie is posing out of a "soon-to-be" window.

I packed the kids up early Monday morning and headed to Columbia, MO.  Ryan had a two day pitching camp at Simmon's Field.   Ian, Gracie and I went shopping and watched Ice Age 3 until he finished.  I was supposed to go to Concordia Monday night, but they cancelled his game (due to weather), so I rented a hotel room and we stayed there.  

7:30 am:     leave for Columbia, MO
10:30 am: check Ryan into pitching camp
11:00 am:  shop at the mall until lunch
1:00 pm:    eat at Ruby Tuesday
2:40 pm:   watch Ice Age 3
4:00 pm:   shop 
7:00 pm:   pick Ryan up from camp
7:30 pm:   eat at Macaroni Grill
8:39 pm:   swim at hotel until 10:00
10:00pm:  crash in bed

7:00 am:   wake up and get ready
8:00 am:   eat breakfast at hotel
9:00 am:   drop Ryan off at pitching camp
9:30 am:   shop
10:30 am: pedicures for Gracie and I
12:00 pm: Chuck E. Cheese for lunch
1:30 pm:   thinking of things to do until 4:00
2:30 pm: still thinking of things to do until 4:00
3:30 pm: pick Ryan up from pitching camp
4:00 pm: get ice cream at Baskin Robbins
4:30 pm: head for home