July 8, 2009

I am always thankful for the coaches who give up their time to teach my children.  I know what a sacrifice it is because Rick coaches many of my children's teams.  
I thought that I would make a little token of my appreciation for the three men who coached Gracie this season.  
Inside the vellum bags is two Hershey bars, a package of graham crackers and a bag of marshmallows.  I also made a matching card for Gracie to sign.
Tomorrow will be her last game so I will let her present them afterwards.

I made the baseball and shadow with my cricut.  Then stamped the pennant using PTI stamps and SU ink
This is another picture of my hydrangea.  
Gracie went for a walk with me last night  I captured a cute little smile. 

I wanted to take pictures of the lily pads on the pond, so I took off with the camera.  As usual, I was sidetracked by all the wild-flowers and pretty weeds.
My family calls this "Queen Anne's Lace".  Not sure if we are right or not.  But the name seems fitting.
Another "Queen Anne's Lace" in full bloom
Not sure what this beauty was.  Probably the reason my allergies are raging!!!!
Some think that thistles are a pain.  I think they are beautiful!!!!!  
Wild blackberries that the bunnies have nearly devoured!!!!
Notice the small bee on the lower flower

We have Kill Deer all over our property.  They build their nests in the ground.  I sure wish they would let me tell them where to build it, because it's always in the front yard.  Don't they know that we mow our yard at least once a week?  Four of five eggs were tossed out of the nest and cracked.  :(  So sad!!  
It cracks me up how the mommy and daddy carry-on when you get close to the potential babies.  They squawk and squeal.  

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