July 5, 2009

Our 4th of July

Our holiday weekend was jam packed.  It began with our 16th wedding anniversary.  Rick arranged his cousin to watch the kids for the night and he wisked me off to the city.  We each planned half of the mini trip.  Rick got until 6:00 p.m.  and I got from then on.   Our first stop was a nice salon where I was able to get a cut and color.  I've been wanting that anyway.  He must have listened, like he always does.  Then him and I went to the spa for a hour and a half couples massage.  That was such a treat.  Our only problem was, we both felt like butter afterwards and could have fallen asleep.  It took at least an hour to get the cob-webs out of my head.  
I made reservations at the Hotel Savoy Bed and Breakfast.  We weren't super impressed with the accomodations.  I had also made reservations at the Savoy Grill for dinner.  After seeing the hotel though, we cancelled and went to M&S Grill on the Plaza.  We had such a great time and the weather was perfect.  I wish that we could get away more often.

We had family (the Kays) come up on the 4th.  They aren't allowed to shoot fireworks where they live.  Since we live in the country, there are no fireworks laws.  The kids shot fireworks from the time they got here till they left the next day.  We also had fun riding four wheelers and cooking hamburgers on the grill.  A very relaxing holiday.

Carrollton has a city fireworks display every 5th of July.  They also have a free concert.  Since Rick was already working in Carrollton at the E.R., we decided to head south.  Things didn't really work out as planned however.  When we arrived an ambulance pulled into the hospital and Rick had to see the patient.  He told us to go grab a bite to eat and head to the football field (where the events were taking place) and he would meet us there.  In the meantime, a night nurse came into the E.R. with chest pain.  He was 39 years old and the son-in-law of Rick's receptionist.  He coded and died.  So Rick wasn't able to join us.  
We were at the park listening to the concert.  Gus was freaked out by all the bottle-rockets being shot off.  Ian and Gracie were bored.  No fun for mommy.  I let Ian and Gracie get a funnel cake that we all split.  We ended up getting food poisoning in the night.  Gracie vomited all over Rick's side of our bed.  I ended up sleeping on the couch, sick to my stomach!  Fun times!!!

Ryan and Ian played catch with a football in the park during the concert.  

I forgot to mention that Gracie also had cotton candy.  Maybe it wasn't food poisoning, it could have been sugar overload.
The boys playing basketball after we got home from the concert.
The headliner for the concert was John Conlee.  He sang "Rose Colored Glasses", "Lady Lay Down", "Friday Night Blues", "Backside of Thirty" and my favorite "In My Eyes", ages ago  Remember him?  It sure brought memories back to me.   Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson.  True greats of the 70's and 80's.  
Before the show, four parachuters came onto the field.  Impressive...but crazy

Rhino resting after a quick game of toss with Ian.
We were sitting next to a large tree that was great for climbing.  That was fine until ALL the other children also discovered it and crowed around our spot.
Gus Bus not enjoying the firecrackers.  He thought he was hot but the temp was in the 80's and we were in the shade.  He is such a wimp!!!
Trey lighting smoke bombs on the 4th
Colten and Ian
A very small portion of the explosives
another small portion

Nate and Gracie bouncing on the trampoline
Eric and Heather's two dogs, Duke (above) and Murphy (below)

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