July 9, 2009


Soon after Rick and I married it seemed like his family started dwindling.  First to pass was his Gr. Grandma Bohne, then Grandpa Smith, Grandpa Evans (within three weeks of each other), Grandma Evans, and Granny Smith.  In the span of 5 years, Rick lost all his Grandparents.  

He didn't come from a wealthy family but the things they passed to us were priceless.  Many of the things Granny gave us were simple things.  Things that Rick remembered playing with as a child.  Or things that he remembered in the kitchen (where you would always find Granny).  They've never been valuable to anyone else but us.  I've always wanted to photograph these items and label who they came from and why we have them.  Until recently, it's just been a passing thought.  I've been in a reflective mood lately.  Thinking alot about my Grandma and Rick's Grandparents.  I would love to honor them with this, so I've made it a priority.  As much of a priority as sealing the deck or painting the garage.  Below are just a few of the things Rick's family left us.  

Granny's cookie jar that always sat in the kitchen.  That's where I keep it to.  It stores all of my cooking utensils.  Some of which are hers.
Once again, nothing valuable.  Rick made this for Granny when he was young.  It's a round-to-it. Get it!!!!  (when I get a round to it)

This is a little scary looking.  It's no bigger than my thumb.  The goal is to get the ball bearing out of the mouth only using your thumb and fore finger.  I remember Grandpa Smith trying and trying.  He never could.  I'm not sure why, but I can pop it out every time.  

Grandma (Juanita) Evans left us this honey pot.  I am going to research where this was made and by whom.  I do know that it is very old.  As noted in the piece of paper, Grandma Farce was Rick's Great, Great Grandma.  She passed before Rick was born.  Grandma Evans wrote the note.  

This isn't a heirloom yet as Rick's Aunt Alta Lou is still alive.  She gave this to Gracie last Christmas.  It was hers and she knew how much Gracie loved horses, so she passed it on.  It is Waterford Crystal and very valuable.
This was Granny Smith's.  Rick has more information about it than I do.  The key is attached around his neck.  You wind him up from below.  Last time we tried, he worked.  
This is Mr. McGregor.  One of my very favorite pieces.  Granny purchased this from a traveling salesman.  I remember her telling the story like it was yesterday.  He stands up, puts the cigar into his mouth, then blows a puff of smoke.  It's been two or three years since we have done it, but the last time we tried, he was still-a-puffin'.  

I keep Mr. McGregor behind glass.  This is a close-up of his face.  The smoke comes out the nostril holes and lips.

We went to see Transformers 2 last night.  I give it a 6.  The boys probably would give it a 9.  Too much action for me.  Gracie spent the night with Haley Rucker.  She would have been bored after 10 minutes.  The movie was over 2 1/2 hours.  (yawn)

I better get truckin.  Lots to do today.  

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