July 30, 2009


One of my mommy motto's is...... NO BLOOD, NO BAND-AID!!! I made up this motto because I have three children who love band-aids! It doesn't help that I purchase the ones printed with "Hello Kitty", "Spongebob Squarepants", "Barbie", and "Snoopy". I guess, now that I think about it, this is ALL MY FAULT! That just now occurred to me. If I had bought the flesh colored boring band-aids with the antibiotic center, I wouldn't even be writing this post.

Well, anyway, back to the story.
Gracie flings herself in through the back door. Plops into the couch. Sobbing. These are the big ole' tears, not the wee little ones. This is some serious drama! She wanted everyone in our house to know....... she was VERY upset.

So, like any mother would do, I sat down beside her and asked...... "What's the matter, Gracie?" She said, while maintaining a scrunched up look on her face, I have a b00-b00. After further questioning I found out this happened on her bike. Something about missing the petal and the wheel. (I'm shrugging my shoulders)

Gracie then told me that there was blood. So she needed a band-aid. Indeed there was blood. Since that is the rule, and I usually obey rules, I went for the b00-b00 kit.

This is a picture of the boo-boo. Terrible, huh?

So, I doctored it like only a mom could. (or maybe a grandma)

This is the "owie stuff". I always use the "owie stuff" thinking maybe this will deter them next time from wanting a band-aid. Nope. It doesn't.

This is the scrunched-up face that I told you about. Jesus must have done a miraculous healing on her. After we stuck that Snoopy band-aid on her foot, she started smiling. Wowser!!!

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