July 29, 2009

Beauty gone bad

Remember these beauties?

They now look like this........

Our mission trip was not good for the poor flowers. May I be frank? I could care less. I'm thrilled that they didn't croak before the first of July. You see, I usually get visions of grandeur in April. I dream of lush gardens that resemble the Queen of England's. I purchase a gazillion dollars worth of plants. I dream of what each and every one will look like in July. Then July comes and I'm tired of watering. A vacation or trip (with little planning on my part) usually has them droopy and sick looking. Then I think, "This isn't the garden that I dreamed of", and I realize it's not going to happen. Do you know the solution to this problem? Buy mums!!!!!

I am beginning my planning for our trip to Meh-hee-ko! I made a list this morning and I don't mind sharing it with you. (not that it matters any to you. Wait.....maybe you will see how much I have to do and feel sorry for me. Then you will come over {with a crew of five or six} and do it for me. Just in case that happens, I will put a few extra things on it. I wouldn't want you to run out of things to do. :)

1. Get new door paint.
I purchased two gallons of the wrong color paint. arrrgghhh!!!

2. Paint doors again.
Because I painted them with the two gallons of the wrong color. arrrrggghh!

3. Mop floors.
Not sure why this is on my list because I have to do it every day.

4. Clean litter box.

5. Weed eat.
I plan on making my teenager do this one.

6. Pull weeds in garden.
I plan on making my 11 year old do this one.

7. Spread mulch.
I plan on making t-bone do this one.

8. Give Rick's dad a hair cut.
This requires me driving to Laclede. I'm such a good daughter-in-law.

9. In case I find extra time on my hands, I will paint garage. Doubtful:(

10. And if I get highly ambitious...I will make this. Please click on it, you won't be disappointed.

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