July 20, 2009

Things I've Learned

I am fast approaching my 34th birthday. (scream) As a child, I never understood why people made such a big deal of growing old. I felt that way because I was a child. Growing old seemed so distant to me. When I was younger there was a TV show called "Thirty Something". I remember thinking, "30 is old". It was probably more like this....."OH....MY.....G__, gag me with a spoon, 30 is like, sooooo old". The topics of the show were irrelevant to me. I didn't find the humor in it.

Well, here I am. In my 30's. For the most part....I love it. I love being a parent, being married........ I enjoy my life. I do, although, have an underlining fear of getting wrinkly, saggy, and hard-of-hearing. Not long ago, I plucked my first grey hair out of my head. I was so appalled by it that I taped it to the fridge. I'm not sure why. I guess it was to be a reminder to myself that soon my whole head would be that color. You couldn't see the hair because we have a stainless steel fridge. One day I looked for the "grey hair" and it was gone. Rick thought someone had stuck a piece of tape on the fridge and threw it away. (he didn't see the hair) Not that it should have mattered. Why would ANYONE TAPE THIER HAIR TO THE FRIDGE!!! I am such a freak!!! Boy-oh-boy was I upset about that one. I could have at least scrapbooked it Rick!!!
I'm noticing more smile lines around the eyes and dark spots on my arms from the sun. I notice that things hurt that didn't used to hurt. For instance, the knees. When did that happen? I creak and pop in the mornings. I tire easily. OH MY GOODNESS, I'M FALLING APART!!!!

On a more serious note, I've written a list of things that I have learned. Some things, I've learned the hard way. Some things just fell into my lap. Maybe in 34 more years (hopefully), I can write another list of things I've learned. Then compare them. Wouldn't that be interesting?

I’ve learned that no one has a perfect life, even if they make it seem so.

I’ve learned that you can have many acquaintances and few friends.

I’ve learned that my most beautiful moments were the births of my children.

I’ve learned that everything is not always black and white.

I’ve learned that you should judge with the same measure that you want to be judged.

I’ve learned that people will disappoint you but God NEVER will.

I’ve learned that it is painful to lose someone you love but it was worth it to love.

I’ve learned that it is easier to trust someone the first time than it is the second.

I’ve learned that gaining weight is much easier than losing it.

I’ve learned that being a parent means that you can’t always be their friend.

I’ve learned that I have more patience with my own children than other’s children.

I’ve learned marriage isn’t always easy but Rick is by far, my greatest friend.

I’ve learned that prayer is always worthwhile.

I've learned that if you do too many projects, you won't do any of them well.

I've learned that if you work hard for it, you appreciate it more.

I've learned that no one else is normal but you, and everyone else thinks that too.

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