November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving eve

This was the last shot of Gus before the cone and button came off. The vet was impressed by how much his eye had healed. He may be 90% by this time next week. (cross your fingers) I was a little embarrased to drive him in the car this way. People were staring. They thought he was from Mars. I didn't tell them that he really is!!! (it's our secret!) My bill was well over $200.00. Jeez Gus!!!!! You sure are hard of the ole' pocketbook!!!
Mrs. Scott's class held a production in the classroom. It was called "Tom Turkey's Thanksgiving". Gracie played the part of Mrs. Jones, wife of farmer Jones.
Remember these photos when she wins her first Academy Award.
(sniff....sniff) One of our puppies sold today. A lady named Peggy from Witchita, KS called yesterday and is interested in Spook.
She wanted current pictures so Rick and I took some last night.
This is Boomer. He is a fatty. And a biggie!!!
This is Pumpkin, Spook, and Boomer. I was making squealing puppy noises. That grabbed their attention.
This is Pumpkin. He has big eyes and a cute little face. I {heart} Pumpkin!!!!

November 23, 2009

Gracie's birthday night

When Gracie turned eight years in September. I promised her a "girl's night" in the city in November. This was supposed to be in lieu of the slumber party we usually have. Well November rolled around and there were no plans. So I last minute threw it together because I knew that if I put if off any longer, I would be in Gracie's doghouse.

Grandma Charlotte, Dana, Pam, Gracie and I headed out Saturday morning for a evening and night of fun, fun, and more fun.

Gracie chose everything herself. Right down to the meals.

Her first stop: Olive Garden for lunch.
Then Build-a-bear to make her new horse. She called her Ginger.
Smile Ginger
Then we went to get pedicures. All five of us were in paradise for an hour.
And so was this lady that we called Sister.
Gorgeous toesies
Purple: Dana
Orange: Pam
Green: Mandy
Yellow: Gracie
Blue: Grandma Charlotte
We ate at 54th Street for dinner. Everyone was stuffed to the max.
That is all of us but Dana. She wanted to cram 100 marshmallows into her mouth. Hehe.
That's 50
Ewwww, I think that was 100.

I might note that this was a challenge. I'm not naming the culprit though (cause it might be me) wink wink
Then we jumped on the beds.
Can't do this at home. I said it was OK here though.

The next day, we did a little shopping, went the lunch at Panera, then watched "The Christmas Carol"

Ahhh, I'm (yawn) exhasted!!!!!!!

November 19, 2009


Good morning Stinker Winkers!!!!!

I am PLUMB FULL of energy this morning. (just kidding) It doesn't matter though, I have lots to do. My Aunt Cake (as we have lovingly coined her) has suggested a couple more blogs to me (because you can never follow too many blogs) She recommended "Chickens in the Road". I looked at it ages ago and wasn't feeling it, but I thought I would try again. (only because I have nothing else to do {wink}) I found a recipe for Grandmother's Bread. It looked simple enough that even I couldn't mess it up. So I made it. Guess what, the monkeys like it!!!! I had a request this morning for another batch. So guess what I will be doing today. I cannot resist watching people moan and groan over my cooking. It is my weakness. So, my friends, you can rest assured, I am PLUMB FULL of somethin'!!!!!!

Last night we loaded up in the car and headed to Hamilton, MO. This is my hometown, my home school, my home gym. Boy let me tell you, it was strange! I felt like I was visiting a very familiar, yet somehow forgotten, world. The same parking lot where I parked my car every day. The same school where I walked the halls and chatted with my friends. Lots of memories. I even showed Gracie a picture of myself that hung in the commons area. (I'm not so amazing of a person that they decided to erect a photo of my shining face. It was the entire class of 93'.) Did I just say my graduation year? Ohhhhh, the cat's out of the bag!!!!!

Wow, how did I make that last paragraph about me. I was supposed to be telling you about Ryan's first middle school basketball game that was held in HAMILTON, MO!!!!!!

Do you mind if I brag a bit?
This monkey was amazing!!!!!! This momma's face was beaming. He did a wonderful job. He scored 8 points and made 6 rebounds. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!
He didn't get this from me. I cannot walk and chew gum at the same time.
Notice the ref on the right. His name is Jim Dickey. He was my Jr. High science teacher. He had to also give my class the "birds and bees talk". Ewww!!!!!
The guy on the upper right. (not the ref.) is Ryan's coach. His name is Mr. French.

Well I better get head out. I just realized that Gracie-Lou-Who forgot her homework on the counter. Guess I'm going to town after all!!!! That's OK. I also have to repair a tire, sign Ian up for basketball, get the oil changed, go to the bank, and buy a diamond at Lauhoff's (just kidding honey)! Then come home and feed puppies, doctor the crazy dog, make Grandmother's bread, and clean the house.

Who says "stay at home" moms, stay home?

I thought I would leave you with two angel pictures. Who are those gorgeous children? It couldn't be MINE!!!! Ahem!!!

Ian, you're such a ham!!!

November 18, 2009

Spinning in Circles

I hit the ground running today. Ugh. I'm exhasted and cranky. Really, I have been going mock 9 all week. Between a ridiculously high maintence dog, a large home that never stays clean, puppies that need lots of TLC, three children who go three different ways every evening, and a hubby, I'm fried!!!!

You know what I need? This..........
and this.......
I can imagine the sound of the waves hitting the beach, warm rays, and a fruity drink. Ahhh, doesn't that sound nice. I have an idea, PACK YOUR BAGS AND LETS GO!!!!!

Darn, I forgot for a minute that I had a high maintence dog, a large home that never stays clean, puppies that need lots of TLC, three children who go three different ways every evening, and a hubby.

Maybe a dip in a hot bathtub will tide me over?

I helped make 30 pies this morning. 30 pies!!!!! Did you hear me? Let me tell you again. 30 pies!!!!! I've made more meringue and pie filling today than I have made in 33 years total!!!!

Now my brain hurts. That happens when you read too many recipes. It's called recipe-itis. It makes you tired, cranky and want to pack your bags for Hawaii.

Then I helped take pictures for an upcoming Church event called "It's Not Your Birthday". I think that is a clever title, don't you. After all, most act like Christmas is OUR birthday. Hopefully this will keep my family on track this year.
The pictures I took are for a slide show presentation that will be narrated. Each picture represents Christmas through the eyes of a child. (This is why the Bishon Frishe is posed with the Shepherds. Do you think he resembles a lamb? Well that was the idea anyway. I think it's darling.)
The Three Kings follow the star. (Gracie is on the far right)
The Shepherds are surprised when the angel appeared to them. Notice their astonished expressions.

Then, the Kings present gifts to baby Jesus. The REAL birthday boy!!!!

Well I better hit the sack. Rick is going hunting early in the morning. I bet it's pretty hard to sleep while I'm peckin' at the keyboard.

I will leave you with the latest pictures of our babies.
Ummm..... how cute is this?? Pretty darn cute, if I say so.
I call this one Boomer
That sure is an arm load!!!

Lord have mercy!!!! I will need strong medicine when they take these sweeties away. How can you resist falling in love with this?

November 17, 2009

The Cone of Shame

Oh my friends!!! Oh my dear, beloved friends!!!! This has been a wild, crazy roller-coaster couple of days.

#1. I accomplished less than half of what I was supposed to (nothing new).

#2. My dog looks like an alien!!!! Let me say that again in case you didn't understand. MY DOG LOOKS LIKE AN ALIEN!!!!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Gus had something strange happening with his eye. It turned cloudy and bright blue. Not usually a good sign. I noticed it yesterday evening when I was making supper. Of course, I panicked. That's what I do best. Rick looked at him and shrugged his shoulders. Neither of us could figure out what it was or how it happened.

So, six minutes after the vet's office opened yesterday morning, I made a phone call. They could work me in within the hour. They did an initial diagnosis (which wasn't promising to me). They said they would put a button on his eye lid, then remove the ulcer. I nodded my head like I knew what they were saying, but people, this meant nothing to me. They might as well have told me they were taking him to the Mother Ship at O- 19 hours to meet the snowbunnies. I was clueless!!!! I trusted them as I always have. This was going to be okie-dokie.

You might imagine my dismay when I showed up at 4:30 pm to pick him up and this is what he looked like!!
GASP!!!! then GASP AGAIN!! I then started praying in my head that this was one of those silly dreams I have. I once dreamt that I was inside a Super Mario Bro. game. That's the kind of dream I mean. The, "thank God that wasn't real" dream. OH, but it wasn't a dream!!!! This was undeniably and certifiably real. I was sitting (and I was so happy that I was) when they TRIED to hand his leash to me.

Come on......REALLY? PEOPLE....THERE IS A BUTTON IN HIS EYE!!!!! I guess I didn't know what to expect. When they said button, I thought that was a "vet term" for some little (UNNOTICEABLE) trinket. No, no, no.....this was a button. The kind that keeps you pants on. A BUTTON!!! Do you understand what I'm saying friends? Oh, I could just cry!!!

I hear you guys asking me...."Is this going to have to stay on his eye for the rest of his life"? The answer is no. Only 7 to 10 days. I have to apply a salve three times a day INSIDE (gag me) his eye. Then to top it all off, he has to wear the CONE OF SHAME.

So, after the initial shock, I am finally starting to see the humor in all this. Gus is frustrated to the point of saying four-letter-words. He cannot eat, drink or climb steps without assistance. Since he is built a little like a cinder block, this is not an easy task. He made sounds similar to Chewbacka when he couldn't turn around in his usual resting spot. Then let's not forget that he cannot get into his cage, which he strangely loves.

Then, Congo the cat, who normally wouldn't choose to be within 50 feet of the dog, is wanting to stalk him. Congo has figured out that Gus can no longer see behind him. This poses as an advantage to the sneaky bully. He is creeping behind Gus, then startling him. Meowing, pawing his back or whatever he can do to irritate him. I would punish Congo but I'm afraid that he owes Gus a few scares. Sorry if that seems cruel.
Look very closely in the background. The stalker has been caught in action!!!!

and again!!!!!

It really isn't fair. I'm so sorry Gus. I might want to gag when I see you, but I do love you. I understand that you are really peeved right now. When this is over, I will buy you a greasy double cheeseburger from Mickey D's.

I may write a memoir about you. Instead of Marley "the world's worst dog", you would be Gus, "the world's most expensive dog". Good thing Rick loves you too, he's footing your bills!!!!

November 16, 2009

Our Family Get-Together (and the food)

Our babies are now eating a pureed mixture of Science Diet and milk. They are super messy. However, even messy, these sweeties are precious!!

Before I tell you about our scrumptious family dinner Saturday. I must let you know how Gus-Bus is doing. I took him to the vet around 9:00 am. They said that he had an ulcer in his eye. We think that he may have poked it somehow. Not sure on what. They took him into surgery and I am still waiting on the report. I am supposed to call around 3:00 or 3:30. They assured me that this isn't a life or death issue. Just mainly an inconvenience and maybe even cosmetic. But if you know Gus at all, there isn't much foo-foo to him. What you see if what you get. I would still appreciate your prayers. This big guy has stole my family's heart and we love him dearly.

Our family has a tough time getting together for the holidays. Everyone has separate obligations and responsibilities. It just gets difficult to coordinate every one's schedule. So we agreed to meet before the holidays and have a yummy feast.
This is two of four tables. Oh, the food. The yummy, tasty, delectable food! Let me pause for a minute in remembrance............................................................................................................................ still remembering.....................................(sigh) there. At least our family thanks God for it before we devour it.

My family sure knows how to set up a spread!!!! Cakes, pies, turkey, ham, potato's, casseroles, noodles, homemade rolls, and enough desserts to fill an entire table. Wow!!!!! I was stuffed...... sleepy......... happy. Ahh, even talking about it makes me want to nap.

My family can also do some serious damage to a table of food. Here is the evidence.
My signature white chocolate raspberry cheesecake..... gone!!!

Grandma Charlotte's famous pies...........gone!!
Sweet potato souffle........ gone!!!!
Heather's cheesy potato's......... gone!!!

and last but certainly not least, my Uncle Tom's (can't eat just one.....or even two) angel rolls.

The motto at our family dinners is, "Get what you want on the first trip (and lots of it) because it probably won't be there when you go for seconds." NOTHING WILL BE WASTED!!! WE ARE VERY HUNGRY PEOPLE!!!! I miss my family and their food. I wonder if we can arrange another "get together" next weekend?

After dinner this is what the women get to do........
and this is what the men do. Humm. Interesting. Very interesting?

I still love them.

Needin' prayers

Just a quick note before I head out the door.

We have started a new blog for our babies. I thought you might want to check it out (or buy one {wink}).
Check it out.

Also, if you have a minute, send up a prayer for my Gussey. We are headed to the vet now. His eyes clouded over yesterday. I'm not sure what it is. Hopefully it's something super easy. But, as you can imagine, I'm worried.

I will update you as soon as I can.

November 14, 2009

I've lost my MO-JO!!!!!!

Whew...... what a bad blogger I am!!!

I decided to take a little hiatus to...... hum, what's the word? Decorate? Yes, I have been busy decorating. You ask, "How is it coming, Mandy"? Not well, but thanks. My creative juices have stopped........ checked out......... left the building. I am adorned with glitter (from my glittery ornaments), I have the Christmas music cranking, sweets baking in the oven. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME PEOPLE!!!! If you have an answer please help. If you don't, I may huff and puff, till I blow this house in!!!

A few new things this week.....

Rick's new gun safe. I told him that he couldn't bring another gun into this house until he purchased a safe. I meant it too!! God love him, he shoves them underneath our bed when he's finished. Did I mention that he has 1,235,094 guns? So guess who stubs her toe-sies!!!!!!! The wife. The one who doesn't give a flippin flute about the guns. In case your wondering and I'm sure you are, the guns are unloaded. If I ever lose a foot to accidental kicking of the guns, I will take them all (plus the husband) to the pawn shop.

I am making Sweet Potato Souffle. It's in the oven as I'm talking to you. It's beginning to smell delish in the kitch. I was wondering how something as ugly as this.....
Can taste as wonderful as this.....

I am also wondering how in the world I am going to finish decorating my house? I probably better hop to it. I will do better this week about writing you. It's not the same unless we can visit, is it?

Later Alligators!!!!