November 23, 2009

Gracie's birthday night

When Gracie turned eight years in September. I promised her a "girl's night" in the city in November. This was supposed to be in lieu of the slumber party we usually have. Well November rolled around and there were no plans. So I last minute threw it together because I knew that if I put if off any longer, I would be in Gracie's doghouse.

Grandma Charlotte, Dana, Pam, Gracie and I headed out Saturday morning for a evening and night of fun, fun, and more fun.

Gracie chose everything herself. Right down to the meals.

Her first stop: Olive Garden for lunch.
Then Build-a-bear to make her new horse. She called her Ginger.
Smile Ginger
Then we went to get pedicures. All five of us were in paradise for an hour.
And so was this lady that we called Sister.
Gorgeous toesies
Purple: Dana
Orange: Pam
Green: Mandy
Yellow: Gracie
Blue: Grandma Charlotte
We ate at 54th Street for dinner. Everyone was stuffed to the max.
That is all of us but Dana. She wanted to cram 100 marshmallows into her mouth. Hehe.
That's 50
Ewwww, I think that was 100.

I might note that this was a challenge. I'm not naming the culprit though (cause it might be me) wink wink
Then we jumped on the beds.
Can't do this at home. I said it was OK here though.

The next day, we did a little shopping, went the lunch at Panera, then watched "The Christmas Carol"

Ahhh, I'm (yawn) exhasted!!!!!!!

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