November 9, 2009

Little bits of nothing much

I'm in a WHY mood!!! Please whine while you say WHY. For extra effect, draw out the W like this. WWWWWHY! In certain situations you may need to say this word through your nose.

So I have a few WHY's for you this morning....

1. Why can't chubby be in style? I think that thin has ran it's course, don't you?

2. Why doesn't healthy food taste as good as fattening food? Wouldn't it be easier if cinnamon rolls were DIET food?

This is my prayer to God....

Dear Lord,
I was wondering. Since I'm going to be sharing heaven with you for eternity, would it be possible to make cheesecake a healthy food. You said we will all have a heavenly body, right? Well....... can my body look like Britney Spears'?

With love,

P.S. I'd also like a tricked-out pair of wings too. You know, really feathery, with bling!!!!

Moving on......

I know the answer to my third WHY. I'm going to ask it anyway though.

3. Why do my children and pets hover over me while I'm eating? It's bad enough that they take all my time and patience. Now they are taking my FOOD TOO! Lord, have mercy!!!!

So, now that I have that off my chest, let's move on!

I am decorating my house for Christmas. I have never seen so many tubs of ornaments in my life. Something HAS to be done people. I've had some of my decorations since Cain and Abel were around. That means much of it is going in one of two places. The burn pile or Goodwill. I will let you know soon what makes the cut.
I usually dangle snowflakes and bling from all the light fixtures.
I am loving anything vintage right now. These are antique ornaments that I've had for years.

Two things that I am anxious for:
One of my favorite bloggers has released a new cookbook. She is coming to Kansas City for a book signing soon. She is so down to Earth and I love her wit and charm. Her name is Ree Drummond (a.k.a. Pioneer Woman).


I'm getting so pumped up about the second movie in the "Twilight" series, "New Moon". I bought the Soundtrack the other day. If you buy this CD, I guarantee it will lower your blood pressure 20 points. It's so mellowing. The song by Lykke Li is my favorite. If you have read the series, this is the part when Edward leaves Bella. (my heart is thumping)

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  1. You are welcome to store your Christmas castoffs in my barn. They can keep my castoffs company, you know, breathe some new life into the mix! Some of mine have been there long enough that they will some qualify for 'Vintage' & my grandaughters & nieces will be clamoring to use them. LOL (cake)