November 14, 2009

I've lost my MO-JO!!!!!!

Whew...... what a bad blogger I am!!!

I decided to take a little hiatus to...... hum, what's the word? Decorate? Yes, I have been busy decorating. You ask, "How is it coming, Mandy"? Not well, but thanks. My creative juices have stopped........ checked out......... left the building. I am adorned with glitter (from my glittery ornaments), I have the Christmas music cranking, sweets baking in the oven. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME PEOPLE!!!! If you have an answer please help. If you don't, I may huff and puff, till I blow this house in!!!

A few new things this week.....

Rick's new gun safe. I told him that he couldn't bring another gun into this house until he purchased a safe. I meant it too!! God love him, he shoves them underneath our bed when he's finished. Did I mention that he has 1,235,094 guns? So guess who stubs her toe-sies!!!!!!! The wife. The one who doesn't give a flippin flute about the guns. In case your wondering and I'm sure you are, the guns are unloaded. If I ever lose a foot to accidental kicking of the guns, I will take them all (plus the husband) to the pawn shop.

I am making Sweet Potato Souffle. It's in the oven as I'm talking to you. It's beginning to smell delish in the kitch. I was wondering how something as ugly as this.....
Can taste as wonderful as this.....

I am also wondering how in the world I am going to finish decorating my house? I probably better hop to it. I will do better this week about writing you. It's not the same unless we can visit, is it?

Later Alligators!!!!

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