November 6, 2009

Toy Stories

Today I am thinking about when my babies were young. Those were crazy, busy, frazzled, beautiful days. Some were better than others. (On the good days I brushed my teeth and changed out of my pajamas). The bad days were just scary. I may have resembled this...
Those were the times I hid when the doorbell rang. I have always felt blessed that I was able to stay home with the kids. That has become a rarity nowadays. It was never far from my mind how lucky I really was.

I went upstairs this morning to lay out Gracie's clothes for school. I found pony (that's it's name) in her American Girl doll bed.
I took a mental note of it. Mostly because those are the things that you forget. I may forget someday that Gracie had two ponies that she played with more than any others. One has eyes and the other one doesn't.
For a couple years this one had just one eye. Now the other eye is missing. It didn't matter that it doesn't have eyes. She gives it equal time to the other. I have bought her expensive and realistic horses, but she prefers these. They are floppy, worn and loved.

Fluffy is Ian's teddy bear. We made her at Build-a-Bear when he was just a little guy. We made her, named her, and dressed her. He chose everything.
Her first outfit was a pink and ruffly ballerina outfit. Dad about had a fit! But fluffy was a girl and she couldn't wear BOY stuff! Golly!!! We still have that outfit but her clothes have changed to a more "gender neutral" couture. For instance, this Cardinal uniform that she has on. Boys or girls can be baseball fans, right?. Fluffy happens to be a girl teddy bear....who loves the Cardinals. We have made other animals since then at Build-a-Bear for Ian. However, none capture his heart like Fluffy. His sock monkey and Ugly doll are close seconds, but Fluffy is #1.

Ryan watched "Toy Story" at LEAST once a day for a what seemed like 20 years!!! I could recite the dialog of that show frontwards and backwards. "Say goodbye to the wife and tator-tots!" He would stand on the arm of the couch and jump off. Just like Buzz Lightyear.
My mom and dad bought Ryan these dolls for Christmas when Toy Story 2 came out. Ryan had a heart stopping moment when he saw them. They also bought the Buzz but I'm sad to say that he is no longer with us. I'm not sure it happened in the move or what. Buzz simply disappeared! So sad:(
As you can see in these photos, Woody and Jesse weren't put on a shelf for display. They have watched T.V. with us, ate out at fancy dinners with us, went on airplanes with us. They were, and always will be, special.
One day when Gracie was little (yet old enough to manipulate a pair of scissors), she cut off Jesse's hair. Not an inch or two, ALL OF IT. She bawled and bawled after she did it. I found Jesse in the trash can. When I asked Gracie why she did that she said, "because she is ugly now". I pulled her out, cleaned her up and put her away. (I even saved the hair.... is that weird??)
Woody used to say, "There's a snake in my boot", along with many other things. But his voice box wore out and he would skip every other word. Then one day, the pull-string on his back came off. Now Woody is silent.

These are Gus' favorite toys. YOU KNOW THAT I COULDN'T LEAVE HIM OUT!!!

One of Gus' toys doesn't have eyes either (froggie).

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