November 19, 2009


Good morning Stinker Winkers!!!!!

I am PLUMB FULL of energy this morning. (just kidding) It doesn't matter though, I have lots to do. My Aunt Cake (as we have lovingly coined her) has suggested a couple more blogs to me (because you can never follow too many blogs) She recommended "Chickens in the Road". I looked at it ages ago and wasn't feeling it, but I thought I would try again. (only because I have nothing else to do {wink}) I found a recipe for Grandmother's Bread. It looked simple enough that even I couldn't mess it up. So I made it. Guess what, the monkeys like it!!!! I had a request this morning for another batch. So guess what I will be doing today. I cannot resist watching people moan and groan over my cooking. It is my weakness. So, my friends, you can rest assured, I am PLUMB FULL of somethin'!!!!!!

Last night we loaded up in the car and headed to Hamilton, MO. This is my hometown, my home school, my home gym. Boy let me tell you, it was strange! I felt like I was visiting a very familiar, yet somehow forgotten, world. The same parking lot where I parked my car every day. The same school where I walked the halls and chatted with my friends. Lots of memories. I even showed Gracie a picture of myself that hung in the commons area. (I'm not so amazing of a person that they decided to erect a photo of my shining face. It was the entire class of 93'.) Did I just say my graduation year? Ohhhhh, the cat's out of the bag!!!!!

Wow, how did I make that last paragraph about me. I was supposed to be telling you about Ryan's first middle school basketball game that was held in HAMILTON, MO!!!!!!

Do you mind if I brag a bit?
This monkey was amazing!!!!!! This momma's face was beaming. He did a wonderful job. He scored 8 points and made 6 rebounds. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!
He didn't get this from me. I cannot walk and chew gum at the same time.
Notice the ref on the right. His name is Jim Dickey. He was my Jr. High science teacher. He had to also give my class the "birds and bees talk". Ewww!!!!!
The guy on the upper right. (not the ref.) is Ryan's coach. His name is Mr. French.

Well I better get head out. I just realized that Gracie-Lou-Who forgot her homework on the counter. Guess I'm going to town after all!!!! That's OK. I also have to repair a tire, sign Ian up for basketball, get the oil changed, go to the bank, and buy a diamond at Lauhoff's (just kidding honey)! Then come home and feed puppies, doctor the crazy dog, make Grandmother's bread, and clean the house.

Who says "stay at home" moms, stay home?

I thought I would leave you with two angel pictures. Who are those gorgeous children? It couldn't be MINE!!!! Ahem!!!

Ian, you're such a ham!!!

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