November 4, 2009

Blue and Blue and Blue

Today, I will tell you three stories about blue. Although they may have three different meanings.

I've been working my tail off getting my Halloween put away. I have a couple goblins hanging from the deck. Other than that, it's all put away.

NOW, I'm ready for Christmas!!!!! There are some that say you shouldn't decorate this early. They believe that the day after Thanksgiving is the time to bring out the Nativity. I understand this view.

But for me, I will decorate the week after Halloween.

I have two reasons......
I love Christmas decorations!

I have tons of it!!! It will take me every bit of a week to put it all up. If I'm going to spend all that time on it, I want to enjoy!!!

I have brought out the first decoration. The rest will have to wait until next week.
I am loving this blue!!!! I can see lots of silver, baubles, clear ornaments, and this superb shade of blue.

I'm dreaming of snow...... and Christmas music...... and hot cocoa.......... and my family playing a board game............... and fudge.............. with nuts................. and maybe a trifle!!! Golly, I feel like putting on my stretchy pants just from blogging this.

Can I confess a secret to you? (whispering) I have already been listening to Christmas music!!!

Well on to another love in my life.

My Gus has been feeling a little blue.
He has taken second place to four little bundles of fur. He has been awfully pouty and sullen. I'm sorry Gus. Just remember that they will be gone in 6 weeks and guess who won't. YOU!!!! I promise to make it up to you. Please bear with me in the meantime. You know that you'll always be my "TOP DAWG"!!!
I love you Gus. More than those puppies.

Speaking of puppies. They have opened their eyes. Guess what color they are? BLUE!!!!

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