November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving eve

This was the last shot of Gus before the cone and button came off. The vet was impressed by how much his eye had healed. He may be 90% by this time next week. (cross your fingers) I was a little embarrased to drive him in the car this way. People were staring. They thought he was from Mars. I didn't tell them that he really is!!! (it's our secret!) My bill was well over $200.00. Jeez Gus!!!!! You sure are hard of the ole' pocketbook!!!
Mrs. Scott's class held a production in the classroom. It was called "Tom Turkey's Thanksgiving". Gracie played the part of Mrs. Jones, wife of farmer Jones.
Remember these photos when she wins her first Academy Award.
(sniff....sniff) One of our puppies sold today. A lady named Peggy from Witchita, KS called yesterday and is interested in Spook.
She wanted current pictures so Rick and I took some last night.
This is Boomer. He is a fatty. And a biggie!!!
This is Pumpkin, Spook, and Boomer. I was making squealing puppy noises. That grabbed their attention.
This is Pumpkin. He has big eyes and a cute little face. I {heart} Pumpkin!!!!

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