July 16, 2009


SOOOOOO..... I'm in the mood to challenge myself a little. I've been blog-surfing this evening. Before you decide to attempt this, remember you may need set aside your ENTIRE evening. Tell the kids to eat cereal for dinner. Don't answer the door or your phone.
Anywhoo, I came upon a blog that I have bookmarked, but not added to the list of "blogs I follow". I love her creativity, however, most of her designs are digital. Frankly, I'm just not there yet. I love getting my fingers stained with ink and sticky from adhesives. Her name is Becky Higgins, she had a FAB idea!!!!! It's called P.O.T.D.
For some crazy reason, I believe it is my responsibility to be the historian of the family. I keep my busy, chicken-scratched, cluttered calendars year after year, I scrapbook, I blog, I save, record, journal, document every last breath that this family takes. To further this maddness, I will take it one step further with a Picture Of The Day. "What does this mean?", you say. It means, dear one, that I am going to be taking one picture a day of something that I wouldn't normally take. For instance, my picture for today will be Gracie sleeping in my bed. (because that is what she does everytime Rick works in the E.R. overnight.) This is something that I might forget in 20 years. I know the idea of me forgetting something seems highly unlikely ;) (wink ;)) Along with the picture, I will tell a short story. This will explain more than the obvious in the photo. Other picture ideas might be the cover of the book you are reading at that time (who is your fav. character, list things that you learned from it), your favorite restaurant (what do you normally order {take a picture of your plate, the decor}, newly painted toenails, a mess that the kids left in the kitchen..... you get the idea).
All sarcasm aside, I've always felt that taking pictures is like capturing little moments in time. Moments that cannot be rewinded or changed. When you snap a picture of your children, you are creating a mini time capsule that will be enjoyed for generations and generations. I am VERY passionate about this, can ya tell? Besides that, anyone can take a picture. You don't have to be super-de-duper talented. Or artistic. Just snap...snap....snap. Easy peasy.

When Rick is on call in the E.R. it sure seems empty in our king size bed. That is why Gracie
sleeps with me. She usually crashes within minutes and doesn't move much at night. Sometimes
I read her books or she reads them to me, sometimes we watch a little Spongebob, and sometimes
we just crash!!!!

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