July 15, 2009

MU pitching camp for Ryan

This may be the last time Ryan takes the mound for the 09 season.  Depends on how we do in districts.
Since we are in Concordia, MO and that is where Aunt Melinda and Uncle Joe live, they are able to come to your games.  Aunt Melinda is in blue.  Grandma Janice is in red beside her.  Then of course, our scorekeeper and my children's second momma, Nancy Mitchell.   Our team usually fills the bleachers with parents, grandparents and friends.  I love how many new people we have met through this.
This game was so hot.  When we left the house it was 78 degrees.  When we got to Concordia, it was 90 degrees.  
Rick made a purchase last week.  We found a 700 Polaris 4 x 4.  It doesn't look like it in this picture, but this thing is a beast.  Our next biggest 4-wheeler is a 400.  We thought it was big.  This one dwarfs it.  They do make bigger ones, but this is really all we needed.  We found it used on craigslist.  (right here in Chillicothe)
This is the Kodiac.  Ryan tied a pillow on the back so it doesn't hurt the bum as bad.  
Ian, looking thrilled, is the caboose.
We bought the materials for Gracie's playhouse over 6 months ago.  We are just now finding time to put it together.  I have BIG ideas for this when it's done.  Window boxes, a small table and chair, pictures.  It will be the girliest of all girl places!!!!
This has been quite a team effort.  Ian, Rick, and Ryan have done all the work so far.  Gracie has done a little supervising (as noted in this picture).  
I'm so glad that Rick is doing this for Gracie.  Rick also built my scrapbook room.  I often think about how much work he put into it.  Without thinking an ounce of himself and knowing that he wouldn't get a bit of good out of it.  Thanks hunny!!!

Gracie is posing out of a "soon-to-be" window.

I packed the kids up early Monday morning and headed to Columbia, MO.  Ryan had a two day pitching camp at Simmon's Field.   Ian, Gracie and I went shopping and watched Ice Age 3 until he finished.  I was supposed to go to Concordia Monday night, but they cancelled his game (due to weather), so I rented a hotel room and we stayed there.  

7:30 am:     leave for Columbia, MO
10:30 am: check Ryan into pitching camp
11:00 am:  shop at the mall until lunch
1:00 pm:    eat at Ruby Tuesday
2:40 pm:   watch Ice Age 3
4:00 pm:   shop 
7:00 pm:   pick Ryan up from camp
7:30 pm:   eat at Macaroni Grill
8:39 pm:   swim at hotel until 10:00
10:00pm:  crash in bed

7:00 am:   wake up and get ready
8:00 am:   eat breakfast at hotel
9:00 am:   drop Ryan off at pitching camp
9:30 am:   shop
10:30 am: pedicures for Gracie and I
12:00 pm: Chuck E. Cheese for lunch
1:30 pm:   thinking of things to do until 4:00
2:30 pm: still thinking of things to do until 4:00
3:30 pm: pick Ryan up from pitching camp
4:00 pm: get ice cream at Baskin Robbins
4:30 pm: head for home 

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