May 30, 2010

Saving the Critters (some of them)

I thought you might like to play a game called: NAME THAT CREATURE
Good luck cause I sure can't. I've googled everything I can think of and I come up with nothing. I've tried Florida crabs, Gulf of Mexico crabs, Gulf of Mexico Marine Life. Noffin!!!!!
So if any of you are willing to put me out of my misery, comment below.
We saved the little guy from a certain death.
The fowl of the beach were gathered around him, ready to pounce. I ran towards them, made a caw-caw noise and they scattered. So did all the elderly folks who were strolling the beach.
It really isn't noble to save a creatures life if you are going to torture it for the next 30 minutes, is it?
Especially at the hand of my merciless boys.
While Ian was burying himself in sand....................
Ryan was fishing.
Rick called it "bait fish"
Ryan called it "his tropy fish"
Lizards galore!!!!!!!!!!!! Crawling, creeping, stalking me!!!!!!!!!!!
I turned my head to the right......... LIZARDS!!
Then to the left.............. MORE LIZARDS!!!!!!!!!!!
The final straw was when I looked up.............. KILL THE LIZARDS!!!!!!!!!
It's a new cause I'm launching. Do you think the tree hungers will join?
When we let this particular lizard go, he didn't move. Ian stomped next to him. Still, no movement.
At first I thought maybe he wasn't the brightest bulb in the pack. Then Ian confessed he had to throw a rock at him to catch it. Somewhere, deep inside, I wanted to feel bad for the lizard.
I told Ian not to do that again. Then I turned my back and pumped my fist.
One lizard down, 5,678,902,456,123 to go.
Ryan had the brilliant idea to bury himself. I'm assuming that he thought this would make a great photo op. for momma.
The plan backfired.
He got stuck.
He begged for me to help him.
I wouldn't have been able to sleep at night knowing that I didn't get a picture first.
So, I leisurely strolled over to loungers to grab the camera. A nice lady and her husband struck up a conversation. She says, "Do you live around here"? I said, "No, we're just visiting". She said, "Do you know if any of these houses are for lease"? Blah, blah, blah!!!!
I forgot that my son was stuck in the sand.
I got an ear full, believe me!!!!
Rick is shark tooth hunting. I will post more about this on another day.

The kids are "saving" more crabs!!!!
Then they want to see if they are buoyant. Looks like Ryan ISN'T!!!
This is the back of our beach house. Our home for the week.
A humble abode with rock-hard beds.
I have never in my life wanted my own bed so bad!!!!

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