June 2, 2010

Another Carrot Eater

Before we had the luggage out of the car from our vacation, Gracie was checking on Cookie. PaPa and Grandma Charlotte did the babysitting while we were gone.

I might add...........
They taught her a trick,
put a fan on her so she wouldn't get hot,
and moved her in to the garage every evening.

They deserve a bunny babysitter award!!!!!!!
I'm so proud of how well Gracie takes care of her pet.
It's pouring down rain here this morning. She came to me not five minutes ago and asked if she could go check on her pet. She mentioned that yesterday they ate alot and she is afraid that they will be out of food.
You may have noticed the plurals in the above paragraph. "They"................ read on.
While we were gone, two little elves did some searching and found another bunny.
I held my tongue the entire vacation.
I had my camera ready when we got home to capture the surprise on her face.
She found her!!!!!!!
And she can hardly control herself.

I introduce to you our newest addition to the family......... Cocoa!!!
Cocoa is soft and furry. She almost reminds me of a stuffed teddy bear. I love her color. It's almost as if someone dipped her in a tub of baking cocoa.

Isn't this precious?
Yup, Cocoa is a hit!!!
Now Cocoa formally is introduced to Cookie.

Cookie says, "Are you a carrot eater"?

Cocoa says, "Why........yes I am".

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