June 16, 2010

The Love of the Game

We are currently juggling 3 sports for 1 monkey right now. But I must admit, baseball is still my favorite. You just cannot beat the smack of a ball on the bat. The snap of the ball hitting the catcher's mitt. Or the cheer of the crowd when my boy has two outs, and he throws the last strike. I LOVE Baseball! Except when it's raining.
We did lots of waiting around last weekend. Rain delay after rain delay. On Saturday we didn't play our FIRST game until 9:45 P.M. Folks, that's crazy!!! But the time our second game was finished, it was 1:00 A.M..
My young man. (who towers over me and talks in a deep voice and seems to attract all the young ladies)
My two Blake's, Blake C.
and Blake Y.
The Northland Yankees is the cutest team in baseball. Hands down!!!!!!
With all the running, we have very little free time right now. So when we get a moment with no driving to practice, sitting in the car waiting, or washing uniforms, we take time to be together. This was Rick's idea. Bust out the 4-wheelers and go for a ride. Rick and I like to sandwich the kiddos. So, he takes up the front while I hold the rear!

While we were riding I found two cows in a very deep creek. When I drove over the bridge, they looked up at me. I continued driving however, it nagged at me. I began thinking, "Those cows are stuck in that creek!", "What if no one knows they are there and they die of starvation?" then, "Should I find out whose cows those are?" So on the way back I made everyone stop and look with me. (that way I wouldn't be carrying all the guilt on my shoulders) They were gone!!! I don't know how the beasts got out? Nonetheless, they did.

Moral of the story: Mandy thinks of too many things to worry about!!!

Now that I have tortured you with loads of nothing-ness. I thought I would leave you with pretty roses. Roses from my garden. Roses that the pesky bugs keep biting the tops off of. Arrrg!!

I know this isn't a rose. It is an alien. Doesn't it look like an alien to you? I have an overactive imagination.

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