June 22, 2010

State Baseball and Mean Omlets

After months of cooking on a cracked cook-top, I'm FINALLY back in business. I've made eggs and pancakes, pasta with white sauce, mac & cheese. I love my new digs!!!! I'm so glad that I was patient because it was worth the wait!!
Ahhhh, this equals a Coach purse in my books.
I thought you might want to know before I moved on to the real post, that I can make you a mean omlet now. I'm just saying................
We headed out last Friday for Ryan's state baseball tournament.
(from top left to top right: Coach Rodney Clevenger, Grant Brady, Ryan Smith, Dominic Panarisi, James, Noah, Austin Hatch, Coach Tobey Ryne.
from bottom left to bottom right: Brice Pennington, Blake Clevenger, Joey Panella, Sean McCulloch, Alex Rivera, Nico Pike, Blake Youngdahl)
Our coaches Tobey and Rodney. Look closely, the heat has confused Rodney a bit. He is squeezing Tobey's butt.

The moms made all the boys buckets filled with fun stuff. The squirt guns were a huge hit!!!!
(from left to right: Sean, Ryan and Nico)
Several moms made posters to hang on the dug-outs. We had the cutest dug-out in the entire park!!!! (ahem, not because of the posters. hehe)

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