June 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Gus!!

Guess who has a birthday today???????
Need a hint?
He has an underbite.
He has horrible gas 89% of the time.
He will only run for treats and water.
Yup, you guessed it.
Happy Birthday Gus Bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He has officially entered the terrible two's. I'm so excited to have that to look forward to!!!
In honor of his birthday, we are having a small family party. This is what Gus wanted for his birthday this year. Normally he opts for REAL cheeseburgers, but he settled for the squeaky one.
He also got a brand new green collar. Treats ALL DAY LONG!!! Then, to top it off, cake tonight. Possibly a sausage and egg flavored cake?
While we prepare, he will be mangling the squeaker out of the cheeseburger.
Enjoy being spoiled rotten.

loved and adored by his family.

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