May 22, 2010

Gracie's Show-n-Tell

It was pet day at school.

We have a couple to choose from. Ahem!!!! (too many to choose from)

I was certain Gracie would want to bring Gus. Because, well........... , he's Gus.

But no, she wanted to bring the carrot eater.
The getting-fatter-by-the-minute, carrot eater.

I enjoyed listening to Gracie explain to the class how sad Cookie was all the time. "She misses Nibbles", she said.

She also told the class, "Cookie only likes Healthy bits. If you give her Carrot Crunchies and Healthy Bits, she won't eat the Carrot Crunchies."
Mrs. Scott asked how Gracie decided on a bunny for a pet. Gracie explained to her that it wasn't really her choice. The Easter Bunny brought her bunnies.

Before we left, Gracie took Cookie out of the cage and held her so her friends could see.
I have a secret............ The bunny is kinda growing on me.

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