May 26, 2010

Chill-ax-in in Florida

I'm in Florida and I may never come back.

Ohhhh, I'm just kidding.

We have had a nice time. I think that we are all a little worn out from all the swimming. I've soaked in enough salt water to preserve me for life. Maybe it can stop my skin from sagging and wrinkling.
We are in a retirement town and we're the youngest people by 30 years on the beach. Let's just say that I've been thinking alot about sagging and wrinkling. I've also noticed that these older folks don't really care.

Have you ever seen a 80 year old man in a Speedo?

I saw several...................... TODAY!!!!!!!!

I still have some swelling on my face from trying to claw my eyes out.

One particular man not only sports a Speedo (that you can barely see over his beer belly) he finds it strangely comfortable to fold his hands and place them over his head.

The first time he walked by Gracie bluntly (and loudly) pointed out "MOM, LOOK AT THAT MAN, EWWWW GROSSS!)

Anyway, my self-esteem has been boosted a little this week.

Yesterday we hired a guide with a boat.
Our goal:
1. to see a manatee
2. to see dolphins
3. to find shells, creatures, etc.

Welp, no manatees. But we saw loads of dolphins and birds. We even found some amazing shells.
Our guide let Gracie drive the boat!!!! When I get home, I will upload the photos.

Tomorrow the boys are going parasailing tomorrow. I'm not sure how to feel about that? They are excited. Momma.................. not so much. I went last summer while in Puerta Vallarta. I thought it was liberating!!!!! Thrilling!!!!! Breath taking!!!!!

There are oodles and oodles of preserved shark teeth at our beach. As a matter of fact Venice beach is the "Shark Tooth Capital of the World". Rick counted our teeth this afternoon, we have 450+.

I'm not a rocket scientist but........................... if there are shark TEETH, then there must be sharks. Right?????

OK, let's not think about that.

I promise loads of photos when I return.

I promise not to share photos of old men in Speedo's.

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